Michelle Vesterby – Turning Points

We asked seven elite athletes the same five questions and are revealing their answers in our weekly Turning Points blog series. Check back in each week to see how each athlete deals with off days, trains with the Forerunner 735XT and embraces the turning point moments.
When you have an off day with training, how do you come back the next day?
It’s very easy for me to come back to training after a off day – training is my life – so after a day without training – I’m so hungry and motivated. I’m not good a taking a day off – I like to train all the time!
 When a race doesn’t go as you wish, what do you tell yourself to get back on track?
Often a race never goes as planned, maybe it goes better or worst – it really never goes as you planed. That’s one of the great things about racing, you always learn something – it’s never easy and you never get “used” to it. You have to adapt to different aspects like weather – puncture – “bad legs” ect. But one thing I have learned is that I never evaluate during the race – I look at it afterwards and you are ALWAYS able to find something positive.
What’s the most important part of racing/training to you?
The mental aspect – everyone can train but not everyone can race. It’s all about the learning to deal with the problems you meet during the race – remember to keep smiling!
What advice would you give to other athletes who might be at their “turning point”?
 Enjoy the journey –  It’s so important to enjoy the process to the goal and not only have the goal in focus, so believe in the process.
What features on your Garmin do you appreciate the most when training?
I can’t run without my Garmin – I feel naked without it. When I run I use the pace and the puls as the main and easy features. On the bike I like my Vector pedals so I can look at my watts. It’s important for me to stay focus and do my training right that I have the numbers to follow.