Measuring Power in Every Stryd

Stryd, the world’s first wearable power meter for runners, now fully supports Garmin watches via Stryd Connect IQ App. Compatibility with Garmin’s ecosystem allows Stryd to deliver seamless user experience for wearers of Garmin watches. Ability to view power, in run mode, enables users to optimize running economy — going faster, for longer, train in their perfect zones, and recover better to avoid injury.

Stryd Connect IQ App features:

About Power: Power, measured in watts, is the best empirical measure of performance. For over 50 years, exercise physiologists, coaches and athletes have been harnessing power output data through force plate treadmills in controlled laboratory environments. 30 years ago, the world of cycling was transformed with the introduction of power meters capable of being mounted on bicycle frames. Now, Stryd is revolutionizing running. With power, athletes know exactly how hard their body’s working, regardless of environmental conditions, terrain, or incline. Burnout on hills is avoidable and performance for the entire duration of runs can be optimized.

About Stryd: Built from years of research on ultra-low-power circuit design, wearable sensing, and machine learning analysis, Stryd technology takes the laboratory environment of measuring power, and condenses into a bottle-cap sized, wearable power meter. Winning the US Global Sports Innovation competition in June, at Denver, Stryd moves onto the finals in Rio, during the 2016 Olympics. Collaborators include athletes, coaches, and scientists from over 50 countries worldwide, such as three-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander, Olympic coach Bobby McGee, Professor Andrew Coggan, and Professor Stephen McGregor.