Gazzelle On The Road Wings For Life World Run Recap

Please enjoy the guest blog post from the ladies of Gazelle On The Road, who ran the Wings For Life World Run on May 8th in Milan, Italy.

Things of the happiest things is the same as having wings” said Peter Pan and we really trust him because we believe in magic.

Magic is possible when you talk about passions, exciting projects and sport.

Running is a gift. Running is a great opportunity to go through magic and we are pretty sure you agree with us.

We usually do sport to get fit, to put us to the test or free our mind, but the Wings For Life World Run gave us an amazing chance to run for those who can’t and help the research to find a cure for the spinal cord injuries. And this is a kind of magic in the reality: sport makes connections and makes us stronger, braver, closer to each other and to the rest of the world.

We created a special Gazzelle on the road crew composed by such a beautiful souls, who immediately understood that WFLWR would have been unmissable.

The climate was really hot, but Milan was ready and excited before the race. We put wings on our running shoes, we wore a customized t-shirt and we ran miles and miles for those who can’t.

We are proud to have take part in the WFLWR race and proud of King Giorgio Calcaterra, who won the Global Race.

Italians do it better when they strongly believe in themselves.

Keep on running for you and for those who can’t!