Garmin Steps into the Classroom

Garmin may be an international company, but our hometown of Olathe, Kansas, is always at the heart of what we do. As fitness continues to be a crucial component of our health, philanthropist Clay Blair decided to give back to those in our hometown who do so much.

Clay Blair Family Foundation generously donated vívofit 3 activity trackers to all of the teaching staff in the Olathe School District and at St. James Academy. With the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the vívofit 3 devices will help the teachers monitor their physical activity and promote and encourage staying active.

Maria Copeland, the wife of Olathe’s mayor, has been instrumental in coordinating Blair’s charitable gift. “This year, with the cost of rising health care, insurance premiums, tight state budgets, Clay decided he wanted his donation to be a bigger and direct benefit to the school and school districts in the Olathe area,” said Copeland.

Blair got his start as an educator and spent many years as a professor. As he evolved into an entrepreneur and businessman, he kept his passion for education and his foundation’s charitable gifts often are awarded to higher education, school districts and teachers.

Having Garmin technology in the classroom will help keep movement and physical activity top of mind during school hours for both teachers and students. After an hour of inactivity, the move bar will appear on the vívofit 3 prompting you to take a short break, walk around or stand-up and stretch.

Keeping health a top priority in the classroom and outside of it will teach our children the importance of a healthy body and mind. Garmin is proud to support this initiative and give back to the community.