A Fresh Look and New Notifications

Garmin Connect is constantly working to create the best experience to help you beat yesterday. This month, we are keeping you connected with activity notifications and simplifying our interface with the redesigned navigation and activity list page.

New Navigation Design

Navigating Garmin Connect just got smoother. The new quick navigation panel groups together items that matter to you most and shows where you are at all times — even when the menu is collapsed. And now you can add items to your dash with 1 click. Everything you need is in 1 simple, mobile-friendly package. Go have a click around, and see what you think. We bet you are going to be sold.

Activity List Page

While you’re exploring the redesigned navigation, check out your activity list. You’ll notice a few changes. You can easily search activities and organize the data you want displayed. Or, select a specific activity type, and compare your fastest times or longest distance. The new design is streamlined and ready to help you beat yesterday — as well as your PR.

New Notifications

We know how hard you work to get those PRs on your activities, and your connections are there to cheer you on. Now, you can get notifications on your phone when someone comments on an activity you completed, so you’ll never miss a word of encouragement or a moment of the competition.