Don’t Dread the Tread!


It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s snowing. Nothing new to report here. So if you are training for a late winter/early spring marathon and have no choice but to get those miles in, what are you to do?

I mean I guess you could try and run outside in zero degrees using your beloved Yaktrax. Or you can treadmill it! Yea Yea Yea, I know the treadmill or what many have named the Dreadmill. I have mentally decided to treat my treadmill runs different than my outdoor runs. I refuse to compare the two. Totally different monsters.

For starters I don’t listen to music when I run outside. While I used to, I learned that I needed to 100% concentrate on my run and be present hence eliminated noise between the ears. But for treadmill runs I love making new playlists.

I do agree, while running on the treadmill, there is a bit of extra motivation needed. So what do I do? I try and run my miles faster to really challenge myself. It is winter and I would be lying if I said at night I’m not concerned with black ice or stepping the wrong way on pavement that’s not pavement anymore. But on a treadmill, it’s you and a button and the only risk is flying off slingshot style so why not see how fast you can hold a speed for a sustained period of time. I find I can really push my body to see how far it will go. Plus now many cities offer treadmill specific classes.


I hate carrying water when I run. The treadmill carries it for me!

Most if not all treadmills these days have a TV/Video Screen attached so you can kill two birds with one stone. Run while watching your beloved Breaking Bad repeats.

Bring your shopping list. Prior to a longer treadmill run, actually make a list of some things you have been thinking about, goals and what not. I think most people can agree sometimes don’t breathe enough. By breathe I mean stop for  a second and take everything going on in your life in. I know this sounds a bit strange but I find running is my chance to breathe. So why not do so on the treadmill. While you obviously can’t write down your thoughts when running you would be surprised what may come to mind.

Stop being so negative. Most people that hate to do something go into it hating it. Be positive about the treadmill. Just decide to be positive. It amazes me that people can be so positive about running 26.2 miles but so negative about running on a treadmill. I mean I can’t wait to run 26.2 miles but that is a lot of miles. And training for it is not exactly easy.

Bottom line to turn that treadmill frown upside down is to challenge yourself as you know best. It does not have to be enjoyable but it doesn’t have to be worse than going to the dentist.


Gregg Bard


Photo courtesy of ambassadors @nycrunningmama and @katiesfitscript