Rep The Garmin Ambassadors with a Connect IQ Watch Face

Motivate yourself for your next workout with these great Connect IQ watch faces from our Garmin Fitness Ambassadors.

WeRunSocial (created by @PavementRunner)

Rep the running crew taking over the interwebs with the #WeRunSocial watch face! If you run all the miles and crush it on social, you need to upgrade your watch game and rock this watch face on your Garmin. Don’t forget to post a picture on Instagram with the hash #WeRunSocial and follow the crew over at @WeRunSocial (on Twitter and IG).

I Run This Body (created by @MilePosts)

Show your love of MOVEment with the I Run This Body watch face. Running your body is about more than running. It’s a way of life – one where you chase down your goals and determine your own destiny! Share your active pictures using the hashtag #irunthisbody on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Follow the MOVEments creator Dorothy Beal @mileposts and on her blog

Run Like A Hijabi (created by @RunLikeAHijabi)

Rahaf K., creator of #runlikeahijabi, and an ambassador for Garmin, loves crossing finish lines with the message of celebrating awareness of our community of athletes. By downloading the Run Like A Hijabi watch face you’re representing the underrepresented. Use the hashtag #runlikeahijabi on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when sharing your photos of this watch face on social!

Life Without Limits (created by @_katieamelia)

How do you live your life? Use this watch face to inspire yourself to push harder, break down walls and live free – live your life without limits. As the motto of Garmin ambassador Katie Ringley, this watch face displays “life without limits” and the time of day. Sometimes we all need a reminder that any limitation we put on our lives is self-induced. Every day is an opportunity to push yourself to live a life that you’ve always wanted and that you deserve. Find more inspiration for a life without limits on Katie’s blog,