Ambassador Run & Race Essentials

Every runner has their trusted gear for a successful run from their Garmin to the perfect fuel to keep their energy going. Our Garmin Fitness ambassadors listed their run and race must-have gear.


Carlee McDot (@carleemcdot): PRO Compression socks, SPARKLE (including ‪Sparkle Athletic skirt and ‪Sparkly Soul headband), ‪Momentum wraps and my phone to take ‪#AllThePictures. 😉 Oh yeah, and how can I forget the most important piece of my run gear… A SMILE! 

Linzie Starr (@sharpendurance) : PRO Compression socks my phone and my iPod. I need music like Tinker Bell needs applause to live. 

Ivie Anne Hasegawa (@ivieanne): PRO Compression socks! And my Shwings on my shoes (they make me faster).

Jenna Hasselo McHugh (@jennammchugh) : Ear buds and phone for music, my Spibelt to hold it all, and a really good hair tie! 

Gregg Bard (@nycsweat): My lucky We Run Social wrist band. I hardly run without it. Reminds me of my friends while I run. Probably why you see me smile so much during races.

Brian Kelley (@pavementrunner): In terms of gear, PRO socks … love them for before, during, and after. That’s about it, everything is else is easily interchangeable. If we are getting gushy, I can’t run without the inspiration from the community.

Sara Turner (@therunningwife): If it’s a marathon, gels and hydration! If it is something shorter, my music to help push me through when the pain really sets in.

Katie Ringley (@katiesfitscript): I think for me, if I’m being honest, I don’t have much gear at all. I could never do my run without a positive attitude (cheesy, I know). When I’m in a funk, I can’t make myself move out the door much. Sometimes when I’m in that funk, I’m not joking that I go to all of the Instagrams/blogs of those above and more and look at their pictures for inspiration! 

Jessica Rinehart (@sugarruns) : If it’s a marathon, I need my FlipBelt to carry all my gels. I’m a minimalist when running and racing. I really do only need my Garmin.

Josh Heger (@joshheger): My legs to show up 😉 

Lindsey Michalle (@lindsey_runs): The only thing I HAVE to have on a run is a good pair of shoes, spandex, and sports bra. Oh! And TWO hair ties for this Rapunzel mane.

Dorothy Beal (@mileposts): Body Glide!

Raina Rausch (@seenonmytrail): A little extra toilet paper… If you know what I mean…


What are your race essentials? Tweet us @GarminFitness and tell us what you need on a run!