New Features In Garmin Pilot 9.1 For Apple Devices

Our latest Garmin Pilot update for Apple devices, version 9.1, introduces a new high resolution base map layer from OpenStreetMap, worldwide gridded winds and a streamlined Connext Device page.  We’ve also significantly expanded our aircraft library so pilots can access performance profiles, checklists, and weight and balance data for even more aircraft types. Here


With the integration of OpenStreetMap, pilots now have access to high resolution, detailed street maps for enhanced situational awareness.  We worked closely with our team in Yarmouth, (formerly DeLorme), to develop a custom basemap designed specifically for use by pilots.  And best of all, these maps are part of the standard offering and once downloaded to your device they may be used both on the ground and in flight!

Open Street Map

To use, select the OpenStreetMap as the Map / Chart option under the Map page.

Worldwide Gridded Winds

Garmin Pilot incorporates gridded winds aloft forecast data, based on the Global Forecast System (GFS) weather model, to provide detailed coverage for your area.  You may display global coverage by enabling ‘Worldwide Winds Aloft Coverage’ in the Data Services section of Settings.

Worldwide Gridded Winds

Aircraft Library

The Garmin Pilot aircraft library has been expanded significantly to include new performance profiles, checklists and weight and balance data for Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Van’s aircraft and more!   You may access the library from Checklists, Weight and Balance or from the Aircraft tab in Settings.

Aircraft Library

Connext Devices Page

To support the growing suite of Garmin connected devices, we have created an All Devices tab under the Connext page.  This page will display the device along with along with symbols to depict the features it supports.

Connext Page

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