Database Concierge: Updating Databases Has Never Been Easier

In years past, managing databases for avionics could be a monotonous task. Typically, navigators contained a memory card that required significant manual effort – first physical removal, next the database upload via computer, then reinsertion of the card into the GPS unit. And with the FAA’s 28-day requirement between NavData cycles for instrument flight, that ritual could get old pretty fast. But now with Database Concierge – a tool incorporated into our Flight Stream 510 cockpit connectivity solution – it’s easier and more convenient than ever to keep databases up-to-date in GTN series touchscreen avionics.

As one of the latest additions to our Connext ecosystem, Database Concierge takes considerable effort out of the database update routine. It takes advantage of wireless cockpit technology and allows pilots to transfer information directly from an iPad or Android device running Garmin Pilot to GTN avionics in their panel. In order to take advantage of Database Concierge, three components are required. First – a GTN series touchscreen navigator with software v6.21 and compatible database subscription. 2 – a Flight Stream 510 MultiMediaCard installed in the aforementioned GTN. 3 – an iPad or Android mobile device operating Garmin Pilot.

Flight Stream 510

The Flight Stream 510. This is simply installed in the GTN series touchscreen navigator – no invasive panel modification is required.

The database update process can begins with your mobile device anywhere Wi-Fi is available – at home, an FBO or even the local coffee shop. It begins by downloading the latest databases onto the mobile device running Garmin Pilot. Next, as soon as the avionics are powered-up in the cockpit, along with Garmin Pilot on the mobile device, the pilot will automatically be prompted to transfer databases. With a simple keystroke on the GTN touchscreen, databases will move from mobile device to avionics within moments. Finally, all other integrated GTN units will automatically be cross-fed the database information. Corresponding G500/G600 flight displays will soon be able to receive database information as well from the GTN with a compatible database subscription.

Database Concierge is only one of the many features available with Flight Stream 510. Additional capabilities such as flight plan transfer, weather and traffic streaming, voice call and text plus much more show just how our Connext wireless ecosystem can revolutionize the way you fly. Please note that Flight Stream 510 must be installed through a Garmin Authorized Dealer. For more information on Database Concierge or the Flight Stream 510, contact your local Garmin Authorized Dealer.