Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Cellphone on a Motorcycle

Smartphones are built for a lot of great things — taking nearly professional quality photos, scrolling endlessly through social media feeds, keeping in constant contact with your friends … the list goes on. What they are not suited for, however, is the high amplitude vibrations found on a motorcycle. According to Apple®, you need to keep the iPhone® stowed safely away on your drive, or it may not work the way it’s supposed to when you arrive at your destination. (And it’s not just Apple; this applies to other phones as well.)

Luckily, Garmin has a solution that navigates you from points A to B — and fulfills all your needs in between. zūmo® XT is unshakeable, built specifically for the heat and vibrations of your ride. But it’s not just its durability that makes it a necessity. Keep reading for just a few of the reasons no bike is complete without a Garmin zūmo XT.

Need more reasons to purchase a Garmin zūmo XT? We’ve got ’em. Click here to learn more about your motorcycle’s must-have accessory. 

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