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Six Reasons to Use an RV Navigator to Explore U.S. National Parks

One of the best things about traveling in your RV is that feeling of freedom — the freedom to drive anywhere, see new sights and make memories every mile of the way. National parks are some of the most amazing places to explore. They put the wonders of Mother Nature right outside your RV door.

If you’re planning on visiting a national park, it’s definitely worth outfitting your RV with one of our GPS navigators. In addition to RV-specific navigation, you’ll also be able to access tons of features and functionality to enhance your next national park visit.

But why use a GPS navigator instead of simply relying on your smartphone? Here are just a handful of solid reasons.

1. No Need to Depend on Cellular Service.

Once you leave the visitor’s center, the cell service in many national parks tends to get spotty. You might end up enduring long, battery-draining loading times for maps and directions — if you’re able to get any service at all. This is where a dedicated navigator comes in very handy. Built-in GPS means you won’t be at the mercy of cell phone reception. And your phone won’t drain its battery looking for a signal.

2. Get More Than Just Directions.

An RV navigator won’t just give you directions throughout the park. It will also identify picnic areas, campgrounds and other points of interest. It’s like having your own personal tour guide in the vehicle with you. And if you unexpectedly need a repair or a new place to park your rig for the night? A Garmin RV navigator comes preloaded with a directory of RV Parks and RV-specific repair shops to help keep you on your way.

3. Learn While You Go.

Our RV navigators are preloaded with helpful and interesting information about notable HISTORY® sites. For example, if you’re exploring Yellowstone National Park, it can provide pictures and facts about Old Faithful, then give you directions to the geyser.

4. Find the Best Attractions.

You can always count on national parks to awe you with their natural beauty. But what about nearby restaurants, hotels and other attractions? Those can sometimes be hit-or-miss. Here’s another instance where an RV navigator can come in handy. Access Tripadvisor® traveler ratings right from the touch display so you can see what other visitors have rated the business before you stop there yourself.

5. See It All on One Simple Device.

Whether you’re looking at directions, traveler ratings or even weather radar, our RV navigators are intuitive and easy to use, and they sport bright, large easy-to-see displays. No more fumbling with that tiny smartphone. You can quickly get the information you need in just a few taps and then go back to enjoying the amazing sights on the other side of your windshield.

6. Protect Your Rig.

Whether or not you’re used to regularly being behind the wheel of something as large as a camper (or behind a truck that’s pulling one), additional RV-specific safety features are invaluable. An RV navigator considers the size and weight of your vehicle and will route you accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about driving down a road that’s too narrow or not suited to handle your RV. You’ll also get alerts about potential hazards along your route like sharp curves or steep elevation changes so you can prepare to slow down sooner and avoid any difficult or last-minute maneuvers (although drivers should also defer to posted road signs and conditions).

Some RV navigators also come equipped with built-in cameras1 that can record your trip and save video of any events along the way.

You’ve already spent time planning your trip — now it’s time to enjoy it. Snag a Garmin RV GPS navigator today and you’ll be ready to hit the open road.

1Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this camera device; it is your responsibility to know and comply with applicable laws and rights to privacy in jurisdictions where you plan to use this device.

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