Garmin Catalyst Driving Performance Optimizer

Garmin Catalyst: Designed by Drivers for Drivers

Ross Bentley and Don Kitch count the ways they love Garmin Catalyst in this featured video.

You don’t get faster lap times just by wishing for them. Like everything else, improving your performance on the track requires hard work. But that’s not to say there aren’t tools to help — enter Garmin Catalyst™, the driving performance optimizer that serves as a “coach” mounted in your cockpit. It gathers data from your drives and gives real-time audible cues as well as immediate session analysis to show you exactly where you need improvement.

But don’t just take our word for it. Don Kitch Jr., founder and chief instructor at ProFormance Racing School, and Ross Bentley, racing driver and performance coach, both use Catalyst to shave off time on the track. Below, watch Kitch and Bentley discuss Garmin Catalyst on Bentley’s YouTube channel, Speed Secrets.

The first time Bentley used it, it knocked .9 of a second off his best lap time. “For somebody that’s driven cars all my life, it just blew me away, shocked me by what it could do.”

WARNING: This device is intended only for recreational use in a circuit environment. Never use this device on public roadways. Failure to follow this warning may result in an accident causing property damage, serious personal injury, or death. You are responsible for using this device in a safe and prudent manner.