Garmin dēzl™ headset

Five Reasons Every Truck Driver Needs a Garmin dēzl Headset

A professional truck driver needs a headset that’ll stand up to the test of life on the road. Luckily, that’s exactly what the purpose-built Garmin dēzl™ headsets deliver. Looking for all-day comfort and crystal-clear audio — or just a quality set of headphones? Keep reading to learn how a dēzl headset can help you hear better, talk longer and truck smarter.

1. Two for the price of one.

With the 2-in-1 dēzl Headset 200 model, drivers can easily switch from the single-ear headset for driving to dual-cup stereo headphones when you’re on a break and ready to blast some tunes. No tools or messy extra hardware needed.

2. Up to 50 hours of continuous talk time.

Hopefully you’ll never need to talk to anyone for 50 hours straight — but if you want to, dēzl makes it possible. Throat lozenges sold separately.

3. Active noise cancellation.

It can be loud on the road, and nothing is more frustrating than not being able to hear who you’re talking to — except maybe when they can’t hear you. Active noise cancelling technology in the ear cup and in the adjustable boom mic solve this problem, so both your reception and your output will be crystal clear. They can hear you now.

4. Wireless smartphone/dēzl navigation device compatibility.

Pair your headset with your compatible smartphone to both answer and make calls with no hands. You can also pair it to the dēzl™ app on your compatible smartphone and a dēzl™ OTR trucking navigator so navigation prompts will seamlessly blend into your audio stream, and you can control your navigator through voice commands.

5. Designed specifically for the long haul.

We’ve all worn an uncomfortable pair of headphones — and after a while, they’re just not worth it. The wireless, ergonomic design of the Garmin dēzl headset was crafted specifically for truck drivers — with its durable, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction and memory foam-padded ear cushion, the comfort is world class.

Ready to make life over the road sound infinitely better? Purchase your Garmin dēzl trucking headset here. To learn more about how the Garmin dezl trucking headsets can improve your life on the road, visit