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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 21113: Inoperative Backup Battery Indication

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instruments with software version 7.10 (and earlier) installed in Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft installed with a backup battery with the ‘Show Battery Status’ configuration set to ‘When Using Battery’ are affected. NOTE This Service Alert does not apply to certified G5 installations. Certified G5 installations must follow approved AFMS … Continued

Service Alert 21119: Rudder Boost

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: All original G1000 and G1000 NXi configurations installed in Textron Aviation Inc. (Beechcraft) King Air model 300, 300LW, B300, and B300C per STC SA01535WI-D are affected. ISSUE: The Rudder Boost system may become inoperative when activated in the event of significant reduction or loss of power in one engine. ACTION: Be prepared for … Continued

Service Alert 2158 Rev C: Takeoff/Landing Distance (TOLD)

REVISION C: Added Resolution PRODUCTS AFFECTED: G5000 systems in Model 560XL ‘Excel’ and ‘XLS’ variants with TOLD are affected. ISSUE: Takeoff/landing distances and V1 values calculated by TOLD may be incorrect at airports with field elevations of 7,000 FT MSL or higher. PILOT ACTION: Do not use the G5000 TOLD function to compute V-speeds or … Continued

Service Alert 21117: Aural Alerts Volume Low Over Speaker

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Textron Aviation Inc. (Beechcraft) King Air model B200, B200C, B200GT, B200CGT, 300, 300LW, B300, and B300C aircraft equipped with all of the following are affected: G1000 NXi Integrated Flight Deck per STC SA01535WI-D G1000 NXi System Software Version 2286.11, 2286.12, or 2286.13 NOTEUse the FMS knob to select the ‘AUX – System Status’ … Continued

Service Alert 21121: Aural Alerts Volume Low Over Speaker

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Textron Aviation Inc. (Beechcraft) King Air model C90A, C90GT, and C90GTi aircraft equipped with all of the following are affected: G1000 NXi Integrated Flight Deck per STC SA01456WI-D G1000 NXi System Software Version 3557.00 or 3557.01 NOTE Use the FMS knob to select the ‘AUX – System Status’ page to view the System … Continued

Service Alert 2182: Dual GI 275 simultaneous “AHRS Align” message in flight

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: GI 275 installations with Expansion Board software version 2.40 or earlier, in the dual-ADAHRS configuration in aircraft with non-redundant or single-source pitot systems are affected. (See Service Alert linked below for instructions on how to view the Expansion Board software version.) ISSUE: If the aircraft’s pitot tube becomes obstructed due to the pitot … Continued

Service Alert 2144: Noise Induced Erroneous Attitude

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: GSU 25C ADAHRS (011-02929-50) units with serial numbers 5Q2000000 through 5Q2099999, installed in experimental G3X or G3X Touch systems are affected. NOTEGSU 25A/B/D ADAHRS units are not affected. NOTECertified G3X Touch and GFC 500 installations are not affected. ISSUE: The GSU 25C Air Data, Attitude, and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) can be subjected … Continued

Service Alert 20137 Rev B: Fuel Quantity Indication Error

REVISION B: Complete Revision PRODUCTS AFFECTED: All aircraft modified with G3X Touch AML STC SA01899WI, MDL Revision 9 or earlier, with an interface to resistive fuel quantity probes are affected. Aircraft that are not affected: Aircraft modified in accordance with G3X Touch STC SA01899WI, MDL Revision 10 or later Aircraft that have complied with Garmin … Continued

Service Alert 1947 Rev B: Takeoff/Landing Distance (TOLD)

REVISION B: Added Resolution PRODUCTS AFFECTED: All G3000 and G5000 systems with TOLD are affected. ISSUE: Some runways have an Accelerate and Stop Distance Available (ASDA) that is shorter than the Takeoff Run Available (TORA). For these runways the TOLD function uses the wrong data to determine available takeoff runway length. PILOT ACTION: Refer to … Continued

Service Alert 1906: GSU 75/75B AHRS Reset During Flight

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Garmin G500/G600 TXi systems with Integrated Standby System and GSU 75/75B Software Versions 2.05 and earlier are affected. Integrated Standby System can be identified by referring to Section 2.9 of the AFMS G500/G600 TXi P23 AML STC (190-01717-B2). ISSUE: Under extremely rare conditions, when the GSU 75/75B is operating in Reversionary Mode, the … Continued

Service Alert 1818 Rev B: Degraded GPS Performance

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Garmin aera 660 products with main software 3.20 (and earlier), D2 Bravo with GPS software version 3.10, (and earlier), and D2 Charlie with GPS software version 4.30 (and earlier) are affected. To check the D2 Bravo and Charlie GPS software version go to the About page (Settings->System->About) and scroll down to display the … Continued

Service Alert 1761: GPS Position Accuracy

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Garmin aera 660 products with main software 3.09 and earlier and D2 Bravo with GPS software versions 3.09 (and earlier) are affected. To check D2 Bravo GPS software version go to the About page (Settings->System->About) and scroll down to display the GPS software. To check aera 660 main software version: From the Main Menu, … Continued

Service Alert 1681: Garmin Navigation Database Cycles 1612 and 1613 at Airport KGGG

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Garmin G900X, G950, G1000, Cirrus PerspectiveTM, Embraer ProdigyTM, G2000, G3000, G5000, Embraer Prodigy Touch, GTN 6XX/7XX, and GNS 400W/500W systems using Garmin Navigation Database cycles 1612 and 1613 are affected. ISSUE: Garmin Navigation Database cycles 1612 and 1613 contain incorrect lateral guidance at VOR/DME RWY 31 PODCI transition at airport KGGG. Using cycles 1612 and … Continued

Service Alert 1465 Rev B: GRS 7800 AHRS Operation Limitation North of 65° North Latitude

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: GRS 7800 AHRS units installed in G1000 equipped King Air 200/B200/300/B300 series aircraft (with G1000 System Software Version 0985.07) are affected. ISSUE: Heading and/or attitude information may become unavailable when flying north of 65° North latitude. PILOT ACTION: To prevent the potential loss of attitude and heading displays, activate DG Free Mode during the following circumstances: … Continued

Service Alert 1631: GRS 7800 AHRS (011-02278-00)

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: GRS 7800 AHRS (011-02278-00) units installed in G1000 equipped King Air C90 aircraft with 3-blade propellers are affected. ISSUE: Heading and/or attitude information may become unavailable when the propeller RPM is set between 1890 and 2000 RPM.  Either or both GRS 7800 AHRS may be affected.  The attitude and bank shown on PFD1 and/or PFD2 … Continued

Service Alert 1538: Operations with Altimeter Set to QFE (height above field elevation)

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Garmin G900X, G950, G1000(H), G2000, G3000, G5000, Cirrus Perspective, Embraer Prodigy, and Embraer Prodigy Touch Integrated Avionics Systems are affected. NOTE Most locations utilize the QNH altitude that provides altitude above mean sea level.  However QFE altitude may be used in some locations (e.g. Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China).  In many … Continued

Service Alert 1478: LP and LPV Approaches

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: G5000-equipped Cessna Citation Sovereign 680 and Citation X 750 aircraft, and G3000-equipped Cessna Citation M2 and Cessna Citation CJ3 aircraft with navigation database cycle 1413 or earlier are affected. NOTE Aircraft with navigation database cycle 1413 Rev 2 and later are not affected by this bulletin. ISSUE: RNP (Required Navigation Performance) data included in only … Continued

Service Alert 1472: Momentary Lateral Shifting Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) on the PFD and Change in FMS-Coupled AFCS Mode

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Embraer Phenom 100/300 (Prodigy system) with GDU software version 13.04 and 14.02 are affected. ISSUE: Pilot actions may result in a momentary lateral shift of SVT on the PFD, accompanied by a change in FMS-coupled AFCS modes. PILOT ACTION: Do not perform the following actions during critical phases of flight (e.g. short final): Make changes to … Continued

Service Alert 1456: VNAV Zero Foot Altitude Constraint

PRODUCTS AFFECTED:  All G900X, G950, G1000, Cirrus Perspective®, and Embraer Prodigy™ with GDU software versions 13.01 to 13.07, and 14.00 to 14.03, and all G2000/3000/5000 and Embraer Prodigy Touch™ with GDU software versions 2.10 to 3.50, and 4.00 to 4.10 are affected by this alert. ISSUE:  The issue occurs with flight plans that contain an … Continued

Service Alert 1420: Standby Navigation Database

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: G900X, G950, G1000, Cirrus Perspective, and Embraer Prodigy systems with GDU software versions 13.00 through 13.06, 14.00, and 14.01. G2000, G3000, G5000, and Embraer Prodigy Touch with GDU software versions 3.00 through 3.18 and 4.00 through 4.10. ISSUE: Using the standby navigation database feature may result in the absence of navigation information when … Continued

Service Alert 1381 Rev A: GDL 88 Non-Diversity Transmitter Self Test

AFFECTED PRODUCTS GDL 88 non-diversity units (single bottom mounted antenna) with Software Version 2.01 or 2.05. GDL 88D diversity units (top and bottom mounted antennas) are not affected. ISSUE GDL 88 non-diversity units with affected software will not send a failure message to the displays in the unlikely event the unit fails to transmit. This … Continued

Service Alert 1380 Rev A: GNC 255 installations that use the RS-232 NMEA output to display VOR information on external indicators or EFIS/PFD systems

AFFECTED PRODUCTS GNC 255 series units with Display Software Version 2.01 that are connected to an external EFIS/PFD, excluding G500/G600 systems, are affected. ISSUE If the GNC 255 RS-232 Serial Port is configured to output ‘NMEA’ data, the CDI on an EFIS/PFD using this data will deflect in the wrong direction when the GNC is … Continued

Service Alert 1346 Rev A: Incorrect Hold Turn

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All Cirrus Perspective®, Embraer Prodigy™, G1000, G900X, and G950 systems with GDU Software Version 13.XX and all G2000, G3000, and G5000 products with GDU/GTC software versions up to and including software version 3.15 are affected by this alert. DESCRIPTION In some instances when flying a hold pattern, the autopilot may turn the wrong … Continued

Service Alert 1307 Rev B: Potential loss of PFD displayed heading and/or attitude for G1000 systems installed in King Air and Cessna Mustang Aircraft

AFFECTED PRODUCTS King Air and Cessna Mustang aircraft with Garmin G1000 installations equipped with GRS 77 AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) may be affected. DESCRIPTION Garmin has received a very limited number of reports of a temporary loss of heading and attitude (provided by the AHRS) displayed in the products noted above. There are two … Continued

Service Alert 1232 Rev A: Altitude oscillations, diverging pitch oscillations, or deviations from the commanded flight path may occur

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All Lancair Evolution Aircraft with GFC 700 installations are affected. PURPOSE While flying in turbulent conditions with the autopilot engaged, affected aircraft may experience pitch oscillations that can cause deviations from the desired flight path. PILOT ACTION REQUIRED If the aircraft deviates from the intended path, the pilot should disengage the autopilot and … Continued

Service Alert 1228 Rev A: SIDs and STARs non-JETs Limitation

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All Garmin Integrated Flight Deck Systems, G500/G600, GPS 400W/GNC 420W/GNS 430W/GPS 500W/GNS 530W, and GTN 625/GTN 635/GTN 650/GTN 725/GTN 750 navigation systems are affected. PURPOSE In some cases, published Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs) contain specific instructions within the Departure Route Description or arrival procedures that differ according to aircraft type, such … Continued

Service Alert 1205 Rev A: GPS 500W TAWS, GNS 530W TAWS, and GNS 530AW TAWS Units with External TAWS Annunciators

PRODUCTS AFFECTED All GPS 500W TAWS, GNS 530W TAWS, and GNS 530AW TAWS Units’ meeting both of the following conditions: Main Software Version 3.30 (or earlier)  Installed in an aircraft with an external TAWS annuniciator  DESCRIPTION When TAWS is inhibited on the GPS 500W TAWS, GNS 530W TAWS or GNS 530AW TAWS Unit, the GPWS visual alerts … Continued

Service Alert 1202 Rev A: GTN 650/GTN 750 Units and OBS Issue

DESCRIPTION Under certain conditions, affected GTN 650/750 units may incorrectly interpret the course selected by the pilot on some panel-mounted OBS (Omni Bearing Selector) units. This condition may cause the CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) associated with the OBS to display incorrect course deviation information for the selected course to or from a VOR. This issue only affects … Continued

Service Alert 1001 Rev A: Standby Navigation Database

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All Garmin G1000, G900X, Perspective™, and Prodigy™ Integrated Flight Decks with the standby Navigation Database option enabled and with GDU software versions 10.00 through 11.01 are affected. IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED Only load navigation databases as an active navigation database. Do not load a navigation database as a standby navigation database. Whenever the “NAV DB … Continued

Service Alert 0824 Rev C: GDU 1040, GDU 1042, GDU 1043, GDU 1044, and GDU 1044B CRS/BARO Knob Interference

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All G1000/G900X/G950 installations with 10-inch GDU 1040, GDU 1042, GDU 1043, GDU 1044, and GDU 1044B displays are affected. Download 0824RevC for a list of affected serial numbers. The following G1000-equipped aircraft may include one or more of the affected GDU 104X displays listed above. Cessna 172R/172S/182T/T182T/206H/T206H Cessna 350/400 Columbia 350/400 Diamond DA40/40F/40D/DA42 Mooney M20M/M20R/M20TN … Continued

Service Alert 0936 Rev B: Navigation error condition concerning terminal procedures with Direct-to-Fix (DF) legs

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All GNS 400W/500W series with Main Software version 3.20 and all G900X, G950, G1000, Cirrus Perspective®, and Embraer Prodigy™ Systems with GDU Software versions 9.10 through 9.14 are affected. ISSUE Garmin has discovered an issue whereby the navigation system may provide incorrect CDI guidance and active leg indication on the navigation map while flying … Continued

Service Alert 0816 Rev B: Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance (FLTA) Alert Over the Open Ocean/Sea

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All TAWS-equipped G1000, G950, G900X, GPS 500W, and GNS 530W units are affected. Non-WAAS equipped GNS 500 Series units are not affected. DESCRIPTION Garmin has identified an issue concerning the Terrain Database, whereby TAWS-B Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance (FLTA) alerts are not available when flying over the open ocean/sea (specifically any body of … Continued

Service Alert 0811 Rev A: G1000/G900X/GPS 400W/GNC 420W/GNS 430W/GPS 500W/GNS 530W Flight Plan Sequencing Issue

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All G1000/G900X WAAS and non-WAAS equipped aircraft with GDU software versions 7.00 to 9.01 and all GNS 400W/500W series units with main software versions prior to 3.20 are affected. IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED Do not manually activate a procedure turn leg in a flight plan (labeled “PROC. TURN” or “proc. turn” on the flight … Continued

Service Alert 0801 Rev A: Supplemental Data Cards Should Not Be Used To Load Jeppesen NavData

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All G1000 Integrated Flight Deck systems. DESCRIPTION Some G1000 Pilot’s Guides suggest that Jeppesen NavData can be loaded onto Garmin supplemental data cards. Due to issues encountered with loading Jeppesen NavData database information onto Garmin 010-00330-41 or 010-00330-42 supplemental data cards, Garmin no longer recommends this procedure. Loading Jeppesen Chartview data onto these … Continued

Service Alert 080128-00: G1000/G900X Integrated Avionics Systems Interfaced To Non-Garmin Analog Autopilots

Garmin has identified an issue where a G1000/G900X interfaced to a non-Garmin analog autopilot can incorrectly NAV-couple and/or remain NAV-coupled to a VOR signal that is flagged. This condition is limited to VOR tracking. GPS and LOC operation is not affected. RESOLUTION Monitor the VOR validity on the HSI while the non-Garmin analog autopilot is … Continued

Service Alert 071016-00: Sandel SN3308 When Coupled With A Garmin GPS 400W, GNC 420W, GNS 430W, GPS 500W, or GNS 530W

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All GNS 400W/500W products installed with a Sandel SN3308 EHSI ISSUE The Sandel model SN3308 EHSI has a feature called AUTO SLEW. When this feature is enabled and GPS is the selected navigation source, the SN3308 will automatically rotate the course pointer to the desired course sent by the 400W/500W Series unit. When … Continued

Service Alert 070801-01 Rev C: Aviation Product Alert

AFFECTED PRODUCTS AND AIRCRAFT Garmin G900X Systems installed on any aircraft and Garmin G1000 Systems installed on the following aircraft with GDU 1XXX software versions prior to V8.20: Cessna 350/400  Piper PA32  Quest Kodiak 100  Hawker Beechcraft G36 Bonanza  IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED The pilot should select and use NAUTICAL (NM and KTS) Distance and Speed … Continued

Service Alert 070424-00: Aviation Product Alert

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All GWX 68 Weather Radar installations DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE Garmin has identified a condition whereby the GWX 68 weather radar provides underestimated storm intensity display data. IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED For the GWX 68 to optimally display weather targets at ranges of less than 32 nm on MX20 and GMX 200, the gain must … Continued

Service Alert 070227-00: Aerial Navigation Product Alert

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All G1000 Series units with GDU software Version 2.02 through 7.01. All GNS 400W and 500W Series units with Main Software Version 2.00. DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE Garmin has identified a condition whereby failing to remove an active arrival or departure prior to loading a new arrival or departure can cause erroneous course deviation … Continued

Service Alert 050523-02: GPS 500/GNS 530 TAWS Navigation Alert

STATEMENT OF REVISION FOR -02 Data required to completely define the affected ILS approaches has been incorporated into the Jeppesen Navigation Database. As such, this alert does not apply when using Jeppesen Data cycle 0506 or later. This alert supersedes all previous versions of Service Alert 050523. AFFECTED PRODUCTS Garmin 500 series TAWS units with … Continued

Service Alert 050721-00 Rev A: Direct-To Waypoint Selection

AFFECTED PRODUCTS GNS 430/GNC 420/GPS 400 Main S/W versions 2.08 through 5.00 All GNS 530/GPS 500 Main S/W versions through 6.00 All G1000 GDU S/W versions through 5.00 ISSUE In certain limited circumstances, conflicting navigation information can be provided when a selected ‘Direct-to’ waypoint is also a waypoint in a loaded terminal/approach procedure. IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED This … Continued

Service Alert 050606-00 Rev A: G1000 Series Navigation Alert

AFFECTED PRODUCTS All G1000 Series units with Terrain Database Version 2.01 DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE Garmin has identified a condition in Version 2.01 of the G1000 Series Terrain Database that can result in incorrectly depicted topography in parts of Canada and Mexico. This issue is a result of the terrain database representing terrain elevations higher than the actual elevations … Continued

Service Alert 050602-00 Rev A: 500 Series TAWS Navigation Alert

AFFECTED PRODUCTS GPS 500 TAWS, GNS 530 TAWS, and GNS 530A TAWS units with Terrain Database Version 2.01 DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE Garmin has identified a condition in Version 2.01 of the Terrain Database that can result in nuisance terrain alerts in parts of Canada and Mexico in the 500 Series TAWS products. The potential nuisance terrain alerts are … Continued

G1000 OBS Service Alert

Owners and operators of aircraft equipped with G1000 systems should not use the OBS mode until GDU 1040 software version 4.01 or higher software is installed. This Service Alert is based on potential inconsistent operation of the G1000 OBS mode of operation. In limited circumstances the G1000 may not properly reset the course pointer in OBS mode … Continued