Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Aviation alerts and advisories are published to advise owners/operators of important information regarding the fidelity and usability of an aviation product or database; the serviceability of a Garmin product; or to notify owners/operators of an applicable aviation service bulletin.

ADS-B Service Alerts are published to notify owners/operators of ADS-B outages and service limitations.

Aviation Database Alerts are published to advise owners/operators of significant issues with aviation database content that may affect flight operations or safety. Alerts of this type are categorized by the database type they affect, such as FliteCharts, Navigation, Obstacles, SafeTaxi, and Terrain. Navigation Alerts encompass both Alerts generated internally by Garmin, as well as Alerts generated by our data suppliers, such as Jeppesen. The corresponding links to the right can be used to view Database Alerts of only a certain type. Alternatively, all Alerts regardless of type can be viewed by using the Aviation Database Alerts link. Owners/operators may contact Garmin Aviation Product Support for more information on how their particular system is affected by an Alert. For additional information, see Jeppesen’s NavData Alerts site or the FAA’s AeroNav Products Safety Alerts site.

Service Advisories, Service Alerts, and Service Document Notifications can now be found on the Aviation Support Center website

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