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Fleet Management

For Business & Government

Garmin offer a wide range of useful, versatile and cost-efficient fleet solutions: from fully autonomous telematics solutions to driving cameras.

Fleet Solutions

Garmin Fleet navigation

Garmin is the Global Leader in Navigation and you benefit from a wide-range of navigators to suit your needs, and unique features such as Real Navigation and Digital Traffic. However it’s not just about great navigation, we pride ourselves on the service and support we provide, including making the maintenance of your devices easier with our Fleet Updater Tool.

Fleet management (telematics)

Using a Garmin Fleet Management Interface cable (FMI 15, FMI 25 or FMI 45), our portable navigation devices* double as fleet management ‘terminals’ as part of your Fleet Management solution. The FMI cable is connected with a ‘black box’ data transponder to provide the wireless connectivity to your monitoring centre.

With Garmin your drivers and dispatchers can communicate efficiently and effectively to improve customer service and together with our fleet solutions partners we can work with you to optimise your fleet resources to achieve lower costs and higher profits.

Alternatively, for vans and cars, Garmin’s fleet 590 combines the function of the ‘black box’ data transponder and sat nav in to one simple plug and play fleet solution – no installation required!

*Advanced series nüvi’s and dēzl’s

Simply put: How does Fleet Management work?

Our portable devices provide professional navigation and enables 2-way messaging and job dispatch capabilities. We work together with our Accredited Fleet Solution Partners to provide the complete solution for you. Covering:

  • Navigation, truck routing and traffic avoidance
  • Job scheduling
  • Driver safety and fuel efficiency
  • Time-sheet management
  • Fleet tracking and management reporting

Providing you fleet management that delivers a fast return on your investment and the flexibility to grow with your business.


Garmin also offers a wide and growing selection of useful accessories for the commercial vehicle including drive cameras and wireless back-up cameras.

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Garmin Fleet Devices

Our handheld devices provide the interactive navigation link that's been missing in your fleet management system:

All-in-one Fleet Solution

Garmin Fleet 590

Garmin fleet 590

The Garmin fleet 590 combines the function of the ‘black box’ data transponder and sat nav in to one simple plug and play fleet solution
and much much more.

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Garmin dēzl 760LMT

Garmin dēzl® with FMI 45 Cable

Our dēzl & FMI bundles are perfect when adding new vehicles to your fleet solution. The bundle saves you money and conveniently includes the FMI 45 cable within the dēzl box.

dēzl 560LMT with FMI 45 dēzl 760LMT with FMI 45

Garmin Navigation

Garmin nüvi 2585TV

Garmin Advanced Series

The Advanced Series of sat navs are supported by the Garmin Fleet Management Interface and can therefore be used as part of a fleet solution.

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Garmin dēzl 760LMT

Garmin dēzl Series

The dēzl Series of sat navs are fully supported by the Garmin Fleet Management Interface. If truck driving is part of your fleet business, rely on navigation that delivers as well as you do. Trust Garmin dēzl, navigators made just for the trucking industry.

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Fleet Accessories

Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera
BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera

Take the worry out of reversing with the BC 20 wireless backup camera. It works alongside your dēzl 760LMT to seamlessly display footage right on your navigator.

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Garmin Dash Cam
Garmin Dash Cam™

Garmin Dash Cam is an easy-to-use high-definition camera with 2.3” LCD display, able to capture both video and still images. Mount the Garmin Dash Cam™ 10 or 20 to your windshield and record your drive in 1080p, 720p or WVGA.

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Garmin FMI 45 Cable
Fleet Management Interface Cable

The Garmin Fleet Management Interface (FMI) Cable allows your navigator to interface with a data transponder: bringing professional navigation, traffic avoidance and much more to popular web-based fleet tracking systems.

FMI 45 – Traffic and data
FMI 25 – Digital Traffic and data
FMI 15 – Data Only

Fleet-ready Navigator Partners

We have partnered with several third-parties in North America, Europe and the Americas (North/Latin/South) to establish useful, versatile and cost-efficient fleet monitoring solutions. Select any of our partners to visit their websites and find out more:

Fleet Partners

Fleet Distributor

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Garmin is committed to partnering with fleet solutions providers to deliver the very best to our customers.

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