spring device prep

Get Adventure-ready: 9 Basic Tips to Prepare Your inReach Device

As the seasons change and the outside beckons, now is the perfect time to double-check that your inReach® satellite communicator¹ is set up ahead of your upcoming activities. It doesn’t take much time, and once complete, you’re free to enjoy those superb adventure days.

Confirm the Download of Your inReach Device’s Compatible App

Each device connects to a Garmin app that you can download from the App Store® or Google Play to your smartphone. Once an app is downloaded, paired and synced to your inReach device, you can enjoy expanded features for your off-the-grid adventures and outdoor pursuits.

Garmin Apps and Their Compatible inReach Devices Include:

Earthmate® App – Communication, Mapping and Navigation: inReach® Mini, inReach Explorer®+, inReach SE®+ and DeLorme® inReach devices

Garmin Explore™ App – Mapping and Navigation: inReach Mini 2, GPSMAP® 66i/GPSMAP 67i, GPSMAP 86i/GPSMAP 86sci, Montana® 700i/Montana 750i and Alpha® 200i/Alpha 300i devices

Garmin Messenger™ App – Communication and Location Sharing: inReach® Messenger, inReach Mini 2, GPSMAP 66i/GPSMAP 67i, GPSMAP 86i/GPSMAP 86sci, Montana 700i/GPSMAP 750i and Alpha 200i/Alpha 300i devices

Pair the App to Your inReach Device

Once you’ve downloaded the correct app to your smartphone and made an account, it’s time to pair the app to your device. This lets you control the device remotely and accept automatic software updates — and allows your contacts, waypoints and tracks to sync between your device, the app and the Garmin Explore website. This is done through the app by selecting Pair Device.

Note: The inReach Messenger satellite communicator does not connect to the Garmin Explore app and does not sync courses or waypoints.

Check Your Subscription Plan

At the start of your season, check your subscription so you’re not caught in a situation with a device that doesn’t connect. An active satellite subscription means access to the 100% global Iridium® satellite network for inReach functionality, which includes tracking, messaging, weather forecasts and SOS, among other actions.

Subscriptions can be checked, activated or changed from the Garmin Explore website or the Garmin Messenger app. For step-by-step instructions, visit the Garmin Explore page in the Garmin Support Center.

Review Your Account Settings

When you’re done confirming your subscription status, take a moment to check and update your personal information, emergency contacts and notes, messaging contacts, check-in and quick text messages, and more. Simply navigate through the menu options of the Garmin Explore website or Garmin Messenger app to review each section and make changes.

Tidy up Your Mapping Options

At the end of a season, it’s not uncommon for tracking information, such as waypoints and routes, to add up. Now is a great time to sort through each one and delete or organize into Collections. These actions are found under the Map section of the top navigation on the Garmin Explore website or within the Garmin Explore or Earthmate apps.

Sync Updates to Your Device

Now that you’ve reviewed, edited and cleaned up your account, it’s important to sync your Garmin Explore website, the app and your device to be sure all information is consistent. While this does happen automatically when the device is powered on with an active internet source and connected to its corresponding app, you can also go to the Device page in the app and force a sync or perform the sync from the Garmin Explore website under the Plans & Devices section.

Practice Using Your inReach Device

Get back into the swing of things by refamiliarizing yourself with features such as weather, messaging and other inReach tools you frequently use. This will be a time-saver and confidence booster if you can use the device with ease while out and about.

Test Your Device Before You Go

To confirm that your subscription is active and your device is ready, Garmin offers an easy Test message feature on each device. To perform the test:

Note: Five free test messages per month are included on all plans.

Support Resources

If you need a reminder on how to set something up on your inReach satellite communicator or need a functionality refresher, Garmin offers a range of support options found in the Garmin Support Center. Simply navigate to the support page, and enter your device name to find relevant information.

For a list of support options, check out our Garmin support resources article.

¹Active satellite subscription required. Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of satellite communication devices. It is the responsibility of the user to know and follow all applicable laws in the jurisdictions where the device is intended to be used.

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