Connect to Your Boat from Virtually Anywhere with Garmin OnDeck

As much as you love being out on the water, it’s not possible to be with your boat every moment of every day. If you’ve ever wanted to keep eyes on your pride and joy when you’re apart, we have a solution that may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

You can add peace of mind and convenience to your boat ownership with Garmin OnDeck™, our integrated remote-connectivity solution. Designed for nearly every type of vessel — from center consoles and inland boats to sailboat and trawlers — OnDeck puts comprehensive monitoring and management tools right at your fingertips. You’ll know your boat is safe and secure. And that it’s ready for your next outing.

Always-on Hub

OnDeck can help keep you connected to your boat from just about anywhere. It uses cellular LTE wireless coverage1 to provide you with remote monitoring for wired sensors and give you the ability to remotely control switches. That helps you watch over your vessel when you’re away, without having to make a trip to check on it — or pay someone else to.

You’ll be first to know if a security sensor has been triggered — say, when a door or hatch is opened by a prowler — and you’ll receive a text if the internal GPS sensor indicates your boat has left a geofenced area. If someone has borrowed your boat, like your kids, you’ll know where they went and when they returned. More importantly, you’ll see if your boat has broken free of its mooring or even been stolen.

You can also receive updates and alarms from other OnDeck and NMEA 2000® networked sensors to help notify you of potential problems so you can fix them quickly. And it can help you understand what’s normal for your boat so you can spot new trends that require preventive maintenance and maybe reduce unnecessary costs in the long run.

For example, battery voltage alerts can warn you if you’ve left the boat powered on — such as after putting it back on your trailer — which could keep you from leaving the dock on your next outing because of a dead battery. Or even kill your battery, for that matter. Worse yet, you may damage your sonar transducer because it’s powered up and overheated out of the water. And even at your dock, erratic battery voltage levels can warn you of other possible electrical issues, like a short in your system.

Likewise, bilge pump alerts will tell you when your pump is kicking on. If it’s coming on a few times a day when it hasn’t been raining, that will cue you in to a possible leak. Or if it normally comes on once or twice a day, then stops, that may mean something’s up — like a burned-out pump that may be causing your boat to slowly sink. Other sensors, including shore power interruptions or engine temperatures, can monitor their systems to alert you sooner to those problems too.

And OnDeck helps you prepare your boat whenever you’re set to go out again. Tank level sensors allow you to easily check the last known fuel level so you know if you need to hit the fuel dock first thing. Temperature sensors tell if you it’s too cold in the boat or too hot in a compartment. OnDeck allows you to view and control up to five relays on your vessel so you can start your fridge, and it’ll be cooled down by the time you get to the boat. You can also control as many switches as you need with NMEA 2000 momentary or latching switch support via EmpirBus™ digital switching or other third-party interfaces.

OnDeck lets you take command, whenever you want it — and wherever you are.

See Your Data

The OnDeck system is a seamless addition to your current marine electronics, and it integrates with your Garmin marine network, engines and NMEA 2000 sensors.

On your boat, your OnDeck system data is securely recorded and stored on the GTB 10 OnDeck Hub. That data is available for immediate viewing, and it can be stored in the cloud for up to 10 years. A battery backup even allows you to access the system for up to 48 hours after your boat battery is drained or your shore power is disconnected. You’ll access the hub through the ActiveCaptain™ app on your smartphone1. It makes it easy to see your boat’s position on the app’s map interface, set up alarms to notify you of changes, access relay switches to turn selected systems on or off, and view collected data and sensor readings.

A cost-effective subscription plan is required to keep you connected. Choose the OnDeck Annual Plan2 for $12.99 a month after a free, three-month promotional period. Or pick the flexible OnDeck Monthly Plan for $19.99 a month with no contract so you can start and stop whenever you like.

Either way, you’ll protect your passion and know that your boat is waiting for your next adventure to begin.

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1An active subscription plan is required. Both OnDeck Hub and user’s device must have connectivity to 3G/4G network. See coverage area for OnDeck here.

2All subscriptions automatically renew until canceled. If an OnDeck annual plan is canceled after any promotional period but before the end of the first year, you will be billed for the remaining annual period. Consumer will be notified before the end of their promotion period before the first month is billed. After any promotional period ends, your annual plan subscription will be billed monthly at the undiscounted rate of $12.99. Please review the Service Terms for OnDeck Service Plans and Terms and Conditions for Garmin Subscription Services for instructions on how to cancel your subscription and for additional details.