Why You Should Get a Smartwatch for Your Kids

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring our children lead healthy, active lifestyles while staying safe can be a daunting task. As parents, we want nothing but the best for our kids—a balance of exploration, learning and well-being.

That’s where a Garmin kids smartwatch comes into play. Designed with your child’s health and happiness in mind, a Garmin watch for kids offers more than just connectivity; it promotes a lifestyle centered around wellness and activity, empowering your child to thrive in a digital age.

We’ve meticulously crafted exceptional wearables tailored specifically to encourage kids to be active: the Bounce™ and the vívofit® jr. 3. These aren’t just any ordinary devices; they’re tools designed to empower your kiddos to lead an active and healthy life while offering you peace of mind with safety and tracking features.

How? Let’s get into that.

Bounce: Keeping Connections Strong

Imagine communicating with your child and knowing their whereabouts—without handing over a smartphone just yet. That’s precisely what the Bounce kids smartwatch has to offer. With its subscription and LTE connectivity, you can easily stay in touch with your child through two-way text and voice messaging via the Garmin Jr.™ app on your compatible smartphone1.

Because we know staying connected is a top priority for all parents, we created Bounce, an innovative GPS-enabled watch for kids. Bounce provides real-time location tracking1 so you always know where your child is. And with this feature, you can be notified when your kiddo enters or leaves a parent-defined area.

That’s not all.

Bounce goes above and beyond with an assistance feature that, when activated, notifies you and other designated family contacts of your child’s location. It’s not just a smartwatch—it’s peace of mind for both you and your child.

Additionally, Bounce is a swim-friendly wearable and offers chores and rewards features, sports and activity apps, vibrant color displays, stopwatches, alarms, games—and so much more. Learn more about the features Bounce has to offer here.

vívofit jr. 3: Where Adventure Meets Wellness

For younger explorers and dreamers, the Garmin vívofit jr. 3 activity tracker is the ultimate companion. With four captivating themes to choose from, including the original Garmin version (with multiple color versions), Star Wars (the Mandalorian™), Disney Princess and Marvel (Black Panther – Special Edition), these fitness trackers for kids transform activities, steps, sleep and chores into an interactive adventure2.

Designed with durability in mind, the vívofit jr. 3 boasts up to a full year of battery life and fits even the smallest wrists, making it the ideal companion for your active child and ensuring uninterrupted fun and learning.

Your kiddo can unlock adventures that fit the theme of their vívofit jr. 3 as well as gain fitness cards upon achieving training goals. Want to make sure your child stays on task? Assign chores, create step challenges, monitor activity and provide friendly reminders within the Garmin Jr. app. Plus, don’t forget about the countless character watch face options available with the vívofit jr. 3 theme of your child’s choice.

Empower Your Child with Garmin

In a world filled with distractions, Garmin smartwatches for kids offer a refreshing blend of connectivity, safety and tracking and wellness features. Whether you opt for Bounce with its seamless communication features or the vívofit jr. 3 with its immersive themes and activity tracking capabilities, you’re making a choice that prioritizes your child’s well-being.

So why wait? Embark on a journey of safety, wellness and endless possibilities with a Garmin kids smartwatch.

1To use LTE features on each device, an active subscription plan and LTE connectivity are required; see LTE coverage area at Garmin.com/BounceLTECoverage
2Activity tracking accuracy