Customizing Your Garmin Watch Face

Garmin smartwatches are purpose-built to help you live out your passions — no matter what they are. Whether you use your watch to train for marathons, perfect your butterfly stroke, or simply keep close tabs on your health and wellness, you can customize your Garmin watch face to best fit your lifestyle.

Personalize a Preinstalled Watch Face

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, all Garmin smartwatch users can take advantage of preloaded watch face options. You can customize the data fields that appear on these, including your step counts or heart rate information.

While the path to finding the “watch face” feature will vary from product to product (and the default watch faces for each smartwatch vary), you can find the watch face option located under the settings option. To toggle through at-a-glance feature and color options, click the edit button underneath each watch face option to personalize your watch face layout, colors and additional data.

This preinstalled watch face displays multiple data points, including the time, date, steps, altitude and more.

For more specific instructions, refer to your owner’s manual.

Select a Watch Face Through Connect IQ™

If you’re looking for more variety and customization, head on over to the Connect IQ™ Store and browse even more creative watch face options made by our very own Garmin developers, plus third-party developers. There you’ll find hot and fresh apps and trending apps that display a variety of new and classic watch faces.

Whether it’s a new seasonal watch face or just a crisp and clean option that covers all your bases, there’s a watch face for everyone here.

The stylish and calm Grady 5C watch face, created by a third-party developer, displays many features such as heart rate, steps, battery status and more.

Speaking of seasonal, Garmin regularly releases holiday-themed watch faces for those who get into the holiday spirit.

The Garmin-developed “Would You Like to Build a Snowman” watch face is perfect for the holiday season.

It’s worth mentioning that you can also find watch faces specifically focused on data. If you love being able to glance down at your wrist and see every bit of information possible, you’ll want to check these out.

The Hexacurve watch face, designed by Garmin, is flooded with data and is aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you’re a runner or cyclist or just love a fun watch face, there’s sure to be an option for everyone. Browse more in the store.

How to Upload a Personal Image to Your Watch Face

Want to see a familiar face as you glance down at your watch? With Face It®, a custom watch face app, you can upload your favorite photo or one that motivates you to pair with an analog or digital display. Plus, you can customize what you see out front such as steps, heart rate, battery life and more. Face It is available to download within the Connect IQ Store.

Here’s a look at an example of a customized Face It watch face. Face It allows you to create and customize your watch faces with your favorite photos.

After downloading the Face It app, easily insert your photo and select an optional background template by following this step-by-step process or watching the video below.

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