How Garmin Helps You Run Safely

Let’s be honest. As great as outdoor running is for your mind and body, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Maybe you lead a busy life, and you only have time to run when it’s dark out. Or maybe you’re training for a longer race like a 10K, and your routes lead pretty far from home. We don’t like to think about it, but situations like these have the potential for an accident. That’s why our running watches have safety features such as LiveTrack and Incident Detection and Assistance.

What is LiveTrack?

LiveTrack creates a real-time view of your location when you’re out running or doing any timed activity so friends and family can follow along wherever you are. This isn’t just a great way for your biggest fans to cheer you on every step of the way on race day, but it also gives you and your loved ones peace of mind while you’re training.

To start a LiveTrack session, pair your compatible Garmin device with the free Garmin Connect™ mobile app and enable LiveTrack for your timed activity. When you select AutoStart, all future timed activities on that device will automatically start a LiveTrack session.

Once you’ve started a LiveTrack session, your device will automatically send a link to the contacts you’ve identified via email, text, GroupTrack or Twitter. Through this link, they can view a webpage that displays a map with the current location of your phone or connected device.

What is Incident Detection and Assistance?

Garmin running watches that feature incident detection can sense when there is a drastic change in movement while recording a timed GPS activity1. In short, it can tell if you’ve fallen or had an accident. If an incident occurs, the Garmin Connect mobile app on your paired compatible smartphone can send automated text message and emails with your name and GPS location to up to three of your emergency contacts.

When a potential incident is detected, a message appears on your device and paired smartphone that lets you know your contacts will be informed after 30 seconds have elapsed. You can cancel the automated emergency message if assistance isn’t needed.

In order to enable incident detection, you must first pair your device with the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone and set up your emergency contact list. When you run, you must have your phone with you in order for the incident detection notification to be triggered and sent to your contacts. Your phone must be equipped with a data plan and remain in an area of network coverage where data is available. Lastly, emergency contacts must be able to receive text messages (standard text messaging rates may apply).

Ultimately, running is about freedom. You should feel able to step outside and train without being inhibited by safety concerns. When you’re equipped with a Garmin running watch with safety features, you can focus on the challenge and not the worry.

1When paired with a compatible smartphone. For safety and tracking features requirements and limitations, see  Incident Detection is not available for all GPS activity profiles on Garmin watches. It is available only for outdoor walk, run and bike activities.