Pregnancy Tracking with Garmin

If you are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, it’s likely that you already understand the importance of tracking your pregnancy. The changes your body is going through are nothing short of miraculous, but it’s critical that you monitor them to make sure both you and your baby are staying healthy. And did you know that you can track your pregnancy with your Garmin smartwatch?

The same women’s health feature that allows you to track your menstrual cycle also allows you to monitor your pregnancy. It’s like a pregnancy app, but with the added convenience of having all of your other body metrics — like heart rate, sleep score, Body Battery™, stress score and more — sent from your wrist to the same, easily accessible Garmin Connect™ app on your compatible phone.

Let’s explore everything you can keep an eye on when tracking your pregnancy with Garmin.

What does the Garmin Pregnancy Tracking app track?

Can I track my ovulation? Can I track my pregnancy? What about pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and pregnancy discharge? Yes to all of the above. The pregnancy tracking feature on your compatible Garmin smartwatch lets you track all of that and more. (Please note that if you have a Venu® 2 or Venu® 2S, these same features are available to you in the Garmin Women’s Health Tracking app.)

What is the Garmin Contraction Timer?

When it’s nearly baby time, tracking your contractions is important. You and your partner can both download the Garmin contraction timer to see exactly how far apart your contractions are — which helps you determine whether you’re going into labor. In addition to recording the length and frequency of your contractions, you’ll also be able to access your history of previous contractions in order to compare.

Which Garmin watches have pregnancy tracking?

Many Garmin smartwatches will display your pregnancy tracking data right on your wrist, and all  Garmin smartwatches are compatible with the free pregnancy tracking features in Garmin Connect. To see a complete list of smartwatches that are compatible with the Garmin pregnancy tracking app, click here. If you are a Venu 2 or Venu 2S user, click here for the comprehensive Women’s Health Tracking app.

To shop Garmin smartwatches designed specifically for women, click here.