Transforming Athletic Performance Analysis

It’s not enough to just be good at your sport. It might not even be enough to be great at it. When everyone around you has the same talent level, you need a competitive edge to win. For the majority of professional athletes and sports teams, winning is about gaining marginal performance advantages that push them ahead of the competition. Whether it’s the Tour de France, the World Cup, or the Olympics, detailed athletic analysis is a must for achieving success.

To help raise the bar on performance tracking, Spanish technology company RealTrack Systems – an expert in the industry for over ten years – is teaming up with Garmin to create an innovative new solution to help athletes gain that edge. The WIMU Pro integrates advanced metrics from Garmin chest straps to provide real-time data like:

Combining these features with the tools available in WIMU delivers a system capable of collecting more than 200 high-precision metrics at a rate of more than 20,000 data points per second.

The wimu pro device

This high-resolution data can then be uploaded for analysis and evaluation. With reliable, quantitative data from cutting-edge performance monitors, individuals and teams can benefit from the tailored training and recovery programs.

As evidenced by the use of WIMU Pro by FIFA teams in the World Cup, the trend of monitoring real-time athletic function and performance is growing rapidly. Garmin is at the forefront of this industry, enabling athletes to maximize their performance through the understanding of advanced metrics.