Garmin Smartwatches Help Transform Digital Health and Remote Patient Monitoring

Smartwatch health data enables collaborative dialogue between patients and caregivers.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have become essential tools in the field of remote patient monitoring (RPM), and Garmin is at the forefront of this industry transformation. Packed with health and wellness features, Garmin smartwatches are easy to use and comfortable to wear, which encourages patient participation and adherence. Powered by the Garmin Health Connected Ecosystem, Garmin smartwatches can capture comprehensive patient data 24/7, enabling healthcare providers to identify patterns that help provide a holistic view of a patient’s health. The ability to continuously collect patient data enhances the granularity of this vital information to support personalised healthcare interventions, encourage collaboration and improve the patient’s healthcare journey.

Garmin Smartwatches Seamlessly Integrated for Enhanced Patient Care

Garmin Health is committed to seamless integration. Through the Standard SDK, Garmin smartwatches can be directly integrated into RPM applications, enabling access to health and fitness data and allowing configuration of device features to meet the programme’s requirements. This allows smartwatches to become not only data sources but also play an essential role in the collaborative dialogue between patients and caregivers. The goal is an elevated standard of care, where insights from smartwatches empower healthcare providers to make informed decisions and patients to actively participate in their well-being.

The Garmin Health integration capabilities have already facilitated the development of exemplary solutions, offering a glimpse into the vast potential achievable with smartwatch technology:

Supporting Patient Care with Medixine’s Remote Monitoring Solution

What is the goal? In response to the global challenge of chronic conditions and illnesses, Medixine offers an RPM solution that aims to enhance patient outcomes while minimising costs and recognising the significant impact on individuals and society.

What is the solution? At the core of Medixine’s approach is the Medixine Suite, a user-friendly platform that seamlessly connects software with various measurement devices. This integration facilitates the smooth exchange of essential health data between patients and their healthcare professionals. Medixine Suite’s design supports the management of a range of diseases and conditions, utilising diverse medical devices and wearables such as fitness trackers and smartwatches. This system has been adopted for RPM services in Europe and the United States, and operators include Linde and Roche Diagnostics.

How Garmin factors in: Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers play a key role in capturing valuable activity and sleep data1 from individuals managing chronic illnesses. This data helps empower healthcare professionals to better understand each patient’s health status. 

Future-ready Medical Care: Qurasoft’s SaniQ RPM Platform

What is the goal? Qurasoft aims to revolutionise healthcare by helping address challenges such as cost pressures, doctor shortages and demographic trends. Its RPM platform seeks to contribute innovative solutions to help enable future-ready medical care, particularly for chronic patients.

What is the solution? SaniQ, Qurasoft’s RPM platform, integrates a patient app, external measuring devices and web-based practice software. Using the SaniQ platform enables doctors and medical professionals to log vital signs in real time, communicate digitally (via chat and video consultation) and manage medication digitally. The telemonitoring solution aims to provide clinically relevant data to support informed medical care and potentially reduce in-person patient visits and procedures.

How Garmin factors in: Garmin smartwatches seamlessly integrate with SaniQ, allowing the devices to capture patients’ real-time vital signs from their homes. This data, including heart rate1, step count, Pulse Ox (SpO2), heart rate variability (HRV) and respiration rate, is transmitted directly to the SaniQ platform, providing healthcare professionals with 24/7 insights. Collaborative success stories include Telementor COPD, a study focused on helping prevent exacerbation of COPD, a common lung disease.

Remote Patient Monitoring with vitalera

What is the goal? An innovative wearable-enabled solution from vitalera (former HumanITcare) and VitalAire Brazil aims to support early detection of health issues for long-term oxygen therapy patients.

What is the solution? Vitalera and VitalAire Brazil are using Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers on the VitalSign project to continuously monitor patients while providing personalised care and treatment plans.

How Garmin factors in: The integration of Garmin technology into vitalera’s platform sets a new standard in personalised care. Explore details in the vitalera blog post here.

Optimising Cardiac Health with Movn Health

What is the goal? Movn Health supports patients who have experienced a recent cardiac event by seeking to reduce anxiety and aid recovery through a virtual care model. Their mission is to create opportunities for heart health improvement and through that, more fulfilling lives for patients, regardless of their circumstances.

What is the solution? The solution offers Virtual Cardiac Rehab, RPM, and Chronic Care Management through user-friendly technologies. By combining a dedicated care team, remote monitoring, and coaching, it seeks to optimise heart health and reduce the likelihood of future events or rehospitalisation. Patients receive care from home via one-on-one and group video appointments. Equipped with a comprehensive care kit, including Garmin Venu Sq smartwatches, patients can manage their heart health program from nearly anywhere.

How Garmin factors in: Garmin is integral to the solution through smartwatch integration with the dashboard via the Garmin Health API. With the app loaded and running on a compatible smartphone, continuous monitoring of heart rate, exercise, SpO2 and steps connects data directly to patient charts. Alerts for out-of-range values warn patients during exercise. Real-time data sharing between Garmin devices and the platform supports the mission of improved heart health and exercise outcomes for patients.

Embracing the Future: Garmin Smartwatches and the Evolution of Digital Health

The synergy between smartwatches and collaborative platforms transcends traditional boundaries, allowing healthcare professionals to envision a future where patient care is dynamic, proactive and deeply personalised. Embracing the evolving healthcare landscape, Garmin smartwatches have the potential to contribute to a future where remote patient monitoring seamlessly integrates into daily life.

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1Garmin devices are not designed or intended to monitor or diagnose diseases or any medical conditions. Find information on metric accuracy here.