Monitoring the Activity, Heart Rate and Sleep Quality of Diabetes Patients with Garmin Forerunner 45

An automated remote-care programme has been launched in Israel to monitor and engage young patients with Type 1 diabetes and/or obesity. Using the Garmin Forerunner® 45 GPS running watch, participants and their care teams can track and continuously monitor activity and other health metrics. With this data, along with glucose measurements and survey results, care teams can provide patients with personalised treatment plans with the fully customisable Datos Health remote care platform. Participants achieve measurable improvement in their mood, activity, nutrition and sleep in an interactive and educational manner.

Garmin and Datos Health

The prevalence and importance of remote health monitoring has grown considerably in recent years, because technology allows care teams to gather accurate, empirical data on their patients’ physical and mental well-being. The Datos Health remote care platform facilitates automated assisted self-care based on rules defined by the care team to reduce staff workload and actively engage patients to participate in their care plan through surveys, reminders and bi-directional communication.

As part of the current programme, patients aged between 12 and 18 are given a Garmin Forerunner 45 smartwatch to monitor steps, heart rate and sleep. The data is delivered via the Garmin Health API to the Datos Health system, allowing care teams to track each patient’s progress against set goals and intervene in real time when necessary to potentially reduce the risk of adverse events.

Garmin was chosen because it “provides reliable and user-friendly sports watches and fitness trackers along with a flexible API that enables Datos Health to create a seamless user experience. Giving patients the freedom to use a fitness tracker that they may already own and wear leads to improved patient engagement and programme adherence,” Uri Bettesh, Datos Health CEO and founder, said.  

Future Collaboration

Stress monitoring will also be integrated and added to patient records to help support customised health programs for various medical conditions.

Garmin wearables are not designed or intended to be used to monitor or diagnose any diseases or other conditions, but these metrics can provide useful insights and trends. Find information on metric accuracy here.