Garmin Health and WellteQ Bring Workplace Wellness to You

Strategic wellness

Corporate wellness should be part of any company’s long-term strategy. A healthy, happy workforce means reduced health costs, fewer sick days, lower staff turnover, higher productivity levels and increased employee engagement across the entire business. WellteQ uses smartphones, activity trackers and the Garmin Health API to provide wellness programs across the globe, with proven increases in employee engagement of more than 40%.

WellteQ platform

Started as a step challenge in 2013, WellteQ has evolved into a comprehensive, data-driven corporate wellness platform based in Singapore. Thanks to advances in wearable technology and artificial intelligence, the platform is now able to provide a holistic well-being experience that correlates physical attributes, active and passive data from Garmin wearables, nutrition and self-reported mental well-being data points to provide risk identification and prevention across an entire employee population.

Not only does the WellteQ platform record employee health profiles, it also uses gamification, rewards and competition to drive engagement and social interaction amongst staff members, helping to tackle complacency around health and sustain long-term wellness programs.

WellteQ analytics dashboards displaying information on heart rate, sleep quality, stress levels and mood allow employers to monitor health and engagement in near real time, giving them the opportunity to prevent burnout in employees. WellteQ strategically works with organisations to link these well-being data points through to their organisational objectives to help deliver a compelling ROI. Success stories in the insurance, construction, logistics and aviation industries demonstrate the value of a seamless wellness experience for organisations and the impact of measuring behavioural data can have.

WellteQ and Garmin

The combination of data from Garmin wearables received via the Garmin Health API and self-reported well-being metrics allows WellteQ to track the relationship between the users’ perception of their mental and physical well-being (like stress, mood and activity) with their actual well-being (based on HRV, sleep cycles and active minutes). An ever-increasing array of tracking and smart features together with attractive comfort and style elements of Garmin wearables help to encourage their continued use. And the accuracy and flexibility of Garmin data supports WellteQ’s continual innovation in the field of predictive and preventive health, providing quality insights into individual and group health.

A healthy future

There are many physical and mental conditions that can be improved and even prevented through increased physical activity and social engagement. WellteQ helps to create a culture of health within the workplace, boosted by the personalised wellness insights made possible with wearables and the Garmin Health API.

See WellteQ COO Jeames Gillett describe the components and benefits of their platform and the critical role Garmin Health plays in the delivery of this invaluable service.