Garmin Health and ViaEsca Oy Collaborate on Holistic Well-being Solution

Comprehensive Health and Fitness

The food you eat is just as important for your physical and mental health as the exercise you do. The collaboration between Garmin Health and Finnish start-up ViaEsca Oy offers users a new service that combines exercise, sleep, stress and food monitoring with advice.

Shared Goals

Garmin and ViaEsca Oy share the goal of improving quality of life. Established in 2016, ViaEsca Oy is founded on the philosophy that life and food should be enjoyed. Its program is designed for people who want to achieve and maintain weight loss and lead a more energetic, balanced life. For Juha Villanen, business development manager at Garmin Health, “A healthy diet is a logical continuation of a lifestyle that also includes exercise, good sleep hygiene and reduced stress.” The data collected from Garmin wearables, which is already used to encourage increased activity, is now combined with nutrition advice as part of the ViaEsca Oy program.

Wearable-enhanced, Personalised Meal Plan

By taking a holistic approach to well-being, the collaboration between Garmin and ViaEsca Oy allows users to concentrate on living life while the program automatically handles activity measurement and analysis. The ViaEsca app provides a personalised meal plan, curated shopping lists with online ordering, customised recipes and live support. Users can get a Garmin wearable as part of the program or use their own if they already have one. Through an integration with the Garmin Health API, users can share their health and fitness data with ViaEsca Oy, so that the program can tailor recommendations based on their activity and weight changes.

Good nutrition and exercise are not only essential for weight loss, but can help improve sleep, prevent some chronic diseases and speed recovery after injury. An active lifestyle and balanced diet can help people better cope with the stresses of everyday life and improve overall mental health.