Cardiogram and Garmin Provide Advanced Heart Health Solutions

Heart rate is an important indicator of overall health, not only when exercising, but also when you’re watching TV or when you’re sleeping. Garmin wearables with optical heart rate provide some of the highest resolution data of any wearable on the market, but unless you’re an expert, it can be hard to interpret all that information without some help. Now Cardiogram and the Cardiogram Heart Health app can help.

The Cardiogram app provides advanced insights based on data from wearables, helping users better understand how activity and sleep affect health. Through the Garmin Health API and with user permission, Cardiogram has access to heart rate data and other metrics tracked by Garmin wearables, allowing for tailored analysis that’s based on a specific user’s activity.

Cardiogram is also at the forefront of clinical research. The Heart Health app allows users to opt in to the Cardiogram mRhythm research study with the University of California, San Francisco Cardiology department. Contributing high-quality data from Garmin wearables allows Cardiogram to improve DeepHeart, an artificial intelligence-based algorithm developed by Cardiogram that can detect some highly prevalent medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, hypertension, atrial fibrillation and diabetes.

The combination of Garmin Health and Cardiogram is a great solution for employers looking for the potential to reduce the costs of providing health insurance and lower annual medical spend by catching undiagnosed chronic diseases early. Cardiogram offers a clinically validated, end-to-end solution as a registered health provider, allowing for complete management of the employee experience: onboarding, engagement, screening and referrals. Garmin wearables are a perfect fit for this program because they feature incredible battery life, water resistance, and are comfortable to wear, resulting in increased program utilization.

Garmin Health provides enterprise solutions that leverage Garmin wearables and the high-quality sensor data they produce for use in the fitness, corporate wellness, population health and patient monitoring markets. Contact us today to find out more about how Cardiogram and Garmin could create an innovative solution that’s right for your company or platform.