Garmin Panoptix sonar capabilities expand

The capability of Garmin’s revolutionary Panoptix all-seeing sonar technology has expanded again with the introduction of two new transducers.

Compact and lightweight, the Garmin Panoptix PS21-TR transducer is optimised for mounting on an electric motor to deliver LiveVü Forward sonar technology, allowing anglers to see real-time moving sonar images ahead of and around the boat.

Unlike traditional or scanning sonar that provides historical data of what’s been passed over, LiveVü Forward shows images of fish swimming and moving toward or away from the boat – even while stationary – in real time and up to 30m away. Anglers can see their lure as they cast and retrieve it, pinpoint its relationship to structure and watch the fish react to their lure or bait.

Stepping it up yet another level, the Garmin Panoptix PS21-TM is a new transom-mount transducer that adds FrontVü for collision avoidance. With an easy-to-understand interface, FrontVü shows users upcoming obstacles/obstructions within a 100m forward range, which allows adequate time to change course if needed.

The PS21-TM actually pulls double duty providing users both LiveVü Forward and FrontVü technologies. The FrontVü feature can be used in a split screen with other Panoptix all-seeing sonar views, including LiveVü Forward as well as RealVü 3D Forward (offered on the PS31). Together, these views deliver real-time sonar imagery of what’s around the boat at video-like speed.

Like the Panoptix PS21-TR, the PS21-TM provides a digital depth number, so there’s no need to purchase a separate traditional transducer for basic depth information. No black box is needed either – simply mount the transducer, plug it in, and start exploring unfamiliar waters with more confidence than ever before.

In conjunction with the launch of the PS21-TM, a free software update will also be available for other Garmin Panoptix Forward transducers (PS21-TR and PS31) to add the FrontVü feature.

The Garmin Panoptix PS21-TR and PS21-TM are compatible with Garmin’s new range of echoMAP CHIRP models (7” and 9” units), as well as the GPSMAP 7400 series, GPSMAP 8000 series and GPSMAP 751, 820 and 1020 series.

CLICK HERE for Panoptix LiveVü Forward overview video…