Garmin’s ultimate black box sonar solution

Garmin’s powerful new GSD™ 25 premium sonar module is the ultimate all-in-one black box solution for serious anglers fishing from high-end trailer boats and larger game boats.

Integrating true, dual-channel 1kW CHIRP, CHIRP ClearVü™ and CHIRP SideVü™ scanning sonar, this remote networking solution delivers images so clear it’s possible to distinguish between target fish, small and closely-spaced fish at key fishing depths all the way down to over 1500m (5000ft).

The level of clarity is so high, in fact, several professional game boat skippers have already dubbed it “the clearest sonar on the planet”.

Garmin Australasia marine manager Jason Browne said running true dual 1kW CHIRP as traditional sonar allowed for adjustments in CHIRP frequencies to low/medium, low/high, medium/high to further optimise sonar performance.

“Despite a widespread misunderstanding in the market, adding a CHIRP transducer to your boat doesn’t make a traditional sonar unit deliver CHIRP sonar,” Browne said.

“CHIRP is an acronym for Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse… the technology continuously sweeps each pulse through a range of frequencies, and the key to it is the interpretation of the data received by the sonar module or unit itself.

“The GSD 25’s true dual-channel 1kW CHIRP capability actually allows simultaneous operation of two transducers at different frequencies [from low to high], which, combined with CHIRP ClearVü/SideVü scanning sonar, delivers a massive amount of information to the module, resulting in unrivalled high-resolution sonar images of what’s below and to the sides of the boat.

“The clarity and target separation of Garmin’s latest sonar technology is genuinely beyond what recreational anglers have ever experienced or had access to – until now.”

As all experienced anglers will attest, the ability to dial into specific frequencies is hugely advantageous, especially when targeting fish like marlin, snapper and various others species.

Frequencies supported by the GSD 25 premium sonar module include – traditional: 50/200kHz, 77/200 kHz, 83/200 kHz; single-channel CHIRP: 40-250 kHz; dual-channel CHIRP: 40-250 kHz; ClearVü/SideVü: CHIRP 455/800 kHz and CHIRP 260/455 kHz.

Fully-networkable with Garmin’s GPSMAP® 8000 series and paired with Garmin’s new line of all-in-one CHIRP and scanning transducers, or compatible Airmar transducers, the GSD 25 is the ultimate search and confirmation tool.