zūmo 660 – top gear for Bike magazine

Zumo 660 
The June issue of motorcyclist monthly Bike magazine sees our zūmo 660 pitted head-to-head against the TomTom Rider in a bid to answer the question: “On-bike GPS: TomTom or Garmin?”

Garmin seizes the crown in this battle of the bike navs with a score of 4/5 and earns particular praise for its sophistication. Deputy Editor Tony Hoare comments: “It’s the GPS system for grown-ups.”

The reviewer admires zūmo’s big, bold widescreen with “decent-sized numbers and buttons” and comments that it: “feels like it was designed by bikers for bikers.”

With particular nods to the intuitive user interface, 2D-to-3D views, onboard trip computer and at-home route and itinerary planning tools, the review wraps up with: “it’s more trustworthy, gives clearer directions, is less flappable and more likely to stay in its bracket.”

From an expert audience committed to putting motorcycling kit through its paces, we’re proud zūmo 660 gets the Bike seal of approval.