Worldwide Volvo Dealerships to Offer Customized nüvi® 760

Volvo1_3 The OEM team have been busy securing a deal with Volvo Cars Corporation to include the nüvi 760 as part of a customized navigation solution for select Volvo cars. The customized nüvi 760 accessory kit will be available at Volvo dealerships across Europe and North America starting in early December 2007, to be fitted into the new Volvo C30 & Volvo XC70, and can also be fitted to a selected number of earlier models.

Volvo_2 Volvo’s dealer-fitted accessory kit includes the nüvi 760, as well as a smart mounting bracket that is positioned on top of the dashboard. With the safety consciousness that you would expect from Volvo they have carefully researched the optimum position of the navigation system to make sure it is easy to use yet does not distract the driver’s concentration on the road.

The bracket is designed specifically to coordinate with the look and style of the vehicle, and eliminates the need for exposed power cables and suction cup mount. The nüvi 760 fits neatly onto the custom-made bracket, offering a quick ‘plug and play’ solution. Volvo’s built-in bracket easily folds down when not in use and the nüvi 760 may be taken off the mount and moved between different cars.

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