The Garmin Arenacross Youth Rookie Champion Injured

We’re sorry to report that The Garmin Arenacross Youth Rookie Champion and Garmin VIRB ambassador, Todd Kellett, has suffered a significant injury while he was out on his bike.  However, we’re told he is on the mend and we wish him all the best.


Todd’s injuries will keep him off his bike for a while but he’s determined get better as soon as possible. In the meantime, being the extremely motivated individual he is, he’s decided to film his road to recovery.

17 year old Todd, of Langport, Somerset, is one of over 40 youngsters to have competed as a youth rider in the 2014 Garmin Arenacross Series. He started riding Motocross when he was just two and half years old. 

Tod 2

We're sure Todd will continue to impress with his motocross skills and wish him a speedy recovery.