Speak your own directions with Garmin Voice Studio™


Sick of listening to the same old sat nav voice? Now there’s no need to get into a rut with our default tour guides Daniel, Emily and Serena. Simply record your own voice with our new FREE Garmin Voice Studio software for more appealing directions.

Perhaps you’d like to ease the journey with the dulcet tones of a loved one you’re going to visit. Or maybe you’d respond better to the sound of your own voice?

Once you’ve made your choice of dialogue-deliverer, just download Voice Studio from our web site and follow the steps to record, edit and install a brand new soundtrack for your satellite navigation.

Voice Studio is compatible with our newer nüvi and zumo units as well as selected Garmin aviation and marine GPS.

With detailed directions from your Garmin read aloud by your favourite person, there’s no excuse for arriving at your destination in a bad mood.