nüvi 5000 has eyes on the back of your vehicle…

Hrcfnuvi5000_2Anyone who likes to ‘large-it’ on the road – from motorhome and caravan fans to haulage and truck drivers – will understand the visibility problems you can face when making a tricky manoeuvre.

The nüvi 5000 series is a super-sized sat-nav that packs premium navigation into a 5.2-inch touchscreen display.
You can transform your nüvi by running a video signal from an external analogue source such as a back-up camera to view where you’re going when reverse parking or making an awkward turn.

Looking at the mapping, the 5000 displays all route information on a digital elevation map, showing detail about the surrounding terrain.
It also sorts and saves up to ten destinations or multiple stops on a single route to help you plan the most efficient journey. With the power to preview simulated turns, see your drive before you arrive, then enjoy the thrill of the open road, however winding.

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