nülink 2390 is a winner!

Have you ever tried a ‘Live’ sat nav? The folks at consumer magazine Which? have and they liked it. That’s why they gave the Garmin nüLink 2390 a coveted Best Buy award.

Sat navs October 2011

Being ‘live’ means it’s always bang up-to-date, making it handy for knowing exactly where the traffic jams are or where to get the cheapest petrol. That’s why testers at Which? put Garmin’s new 3D Traffic Live under the spotlight. Fortunately it passed with flying colours, highlighting all the traffic trouble spots and how to avoid them.

The sat nav was given 5/5 stars for ‘Useful Features’ and Which? concluded that the nüLink 2390 is an excellent sat nav and worthy of a Best Buy accolade.

We think the the nüLink 2390 is fantastic. Now there’s independent proof!