New nüvi 3700 series graces London’s busiest runway

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London Alternative Fashion Week had a uniquely personal navigation experience yesterday when the new sleek and blade-like nüvi 3700 series sashayed down the Spitalfields catwalk.

The latest addition to Garmin’s Spring/Summer collection hails a new trend in sat nav technology; at just 8.7mm slim it’s the thinnest navigator ever and fashioned in stunning aluminium and chrome.

But beyond this nüvi's winning looks is a unique personality.

With capacitive multi-touch screen, voice navigation , nüRoutes™ prediction technology and PhotoReal™ junction view, nüvi 3700 series is your very own guardian angel to watch over your every journey.

Give the new nüvi a name such as “Angel” and it springs to life when you say the word. Then give your navigation a truly tailored touch by recording your own voice free in our Voice Studio™. Tell “Angel” where you want to go and you’re looked after all the way, as she hangs on to every word to act on your spoken command (3790 model only).


On a repeat journey you don’t even have to say a thing. Your intuitive guardian angel uses myTrends™ to analyse your driving behaviour and predict where you’re going. At the same time myTraffic™ learns traffic flow trends to refine your routes based on the experiences of other drivers combined with live traffic alerts.
Could your driving benefit from some divine intervention? Lane Assist with PhotoReal™ Junction View helps you navigate tricky junctions and exits not just by indicating the correct lane choice with accurate road signs but it shows the finer detail of the surrounding area with trees, bridges, even electricity pylons for ultimate route perception.

This versatile sat nav is fashioned to enhance the way you navigate your world. Flip landscape-to-portrait to view the map any way you want and pinch, drag and tap the screen as gesture technology responds to your touch.


London Alternative Fashion Week is the place to launch the hottest new trends. With nüvi 3700 blazing the runway, a new era of personal navigation is set to take off this season.