Living the Garmin dream

Cycling2_2 Garmin employees don’t do things by halves. Engineering and innovating for boats, cars, bikes and planes, business and leisure customers, runners, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts requires breadth of experience and expertise to develop products our customers want in their lives.

Garmin employees live and breathe our product markets, a passion for the technology essential to recognise and address the needs of our customers. Our fitness engineers are sports enthusiasts, our outdoor marketeers fuelled by adventure, Garmin marine managers live for the water while our automotive teams are driven by the thrill of the open road. This attitude ensures our products complement and enhance their markets while Garmin remains a world leader in navigation technology.

Garmin people don’t just have a passion for maps and navigation; we’re fans of the products we design, manufacture and market, from add-on entertainment features right down to the engineering that drives them. This is our motivation – to keep on creating goods that enhance our world as well as that of our customers.

David Downey, a Garmin sport products engineer in Olathe, Kansas, combines his passion for exercise with product innovation. Read how David goes the extra mile in his day job here and check out the photo shoot from his typical day….