Get a free ecoRoute™ facelift for your super-slim nüvi

If you’re the proud owner of a super-slim nüvi 1200, 1300 or 1400 series sat nav, there’s a real treat in store for you with our latest FREE software update.

Install version 3.40 today and enhance your ecoRoute experience with new menu icons, smart ecoChallenge page and a natty fuel economy trip visualiser.

View a dynamic breakdown of your driving performance with at-a-glance information to help you improve your motoring style and keep on top of vital trip diagnostics.

Today’s Scores
Keep track of your driving score, pinpoint the trigger of any bad habits and stay on route to more thoughtful motoring.

Fuel economy

Fuel Economy
Track your fuel consumption and journey cost and identify the fuel-guzzling parts of your trip.


If you’ve never updated your sat nav before, it’s quick and completely free to do. Simply install our WebUpdater software now and follow the instructions on screen.


Keeping your sat nav up to date brings essential peace of mind your navigator has been optimised with the most current information. With this free new ecoRoute user interface thrown in, your journey has never looked so good.