Garmin Guides GlobeBusters on Motorbike Tour

New tarmac Aregentina

Travelling across the world on a motorbike can be a bit of a trial when all you have to rely on is a compass and a paper map - if the map's not blowing in the wind so you can't read it, then the compass is getting covered by bugs in the breeze.

Adventure tour company GlobeBusters found that they were spending precious time trying to navigate with paper maps and less time on the roads – that was where Garmin came in, supplying the company with a Zumo 550 to help them and their clients make the most of their incredible journeys.

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GlobeBusters Managing Director Kevin Sanders said: "My local retailer Touratech put me in touch with Garmin after recommending that I use a Zumo 550.

"I haven't looked back since, I find my Zumo invaluable, the points of interest are especially useful when we're looking for fuel in foreign countries."

High wind Argentina

The latest GlobeBusters tour saw biking enthusiasts travel across South America, exploring Argentina along the way, to find out more about the travel options available visit