Garmin Festival Guide launched

Festvial_pic With Radio 1 kicking off the summer festival season with The Big Weekend in Maidstone, we thought its prime time to help all you music fans to navigate the summer festivals in style.

We’ve put together our ‘Festival guide’ that you can download with the locations of all the big festivals in the UK, Ireland and some of the great ones across Europe. Also included you’ll see info on the headliners, helplines and other great titbits of info for your nüvi.

Other great features you should make use of include the brilliant ‘park position recall’ function on the nüvi 700 series. As simple as it sounds, when you come out to find your car during or after the festival we can help you!! Your nüvi will save your last position automatically you just have to follow the route back.

Not satisfied with helping you get to the festival, and find your car, we’ve got a great feature within Garmin Mobile XT entitled ‘LMS’ or ‘location-based messaging service’. Mobile XT offers a simple plug- and-go navigations function for gps enabled smartphones, and LMS enables you and your friends to find each other by sending an SMS of your current location to others with Mobile XT on their phone. Perfect if you’re at the bar and trying to find your way back to your friends who are at the stage. Or if you just want to meet up at the tent..

If all else fails, you can take the advice of our latest radio ad and just follow the music!! Listen out for it across the country.

To download this great tool for the summer click here

Festival Radio Ad: