Garmin ecoRoute saves Fifth Gear £20 a week

Fifth Gear ecoRoute  

This weeks episode of Fifth Gear on Five saw presenter Tim Shaw putting the latest Garmin nuvi range and our 'FREE' fuel saving software ecoRoute to the test. With a route from Birmingham to Stratford upon Avon and back as the test scenario, Tim put the 1340t and ecoRoute to the test in terms of the cost of fuel for a fuel efficient journey versus the fastest route. The results show exactly what ecoRoute and a Garmin nuvi 1340t are capable of!

Garmin's ecoRoute software saved Tim a staggering £4.12 per daily journey, equivalent to £20 a week if it was his daily commute. The fastest route selection also showcased the awesome routing power of every Garmin nuvi. Why not take a look for yourself at this weeks episode, simply fast forward the show to 6 mins 37 via Demand Five to see the full review.

For further details on ecoRoute and to find out how you can start making savings on your journey costs simply click here.