Garmin Connect – Navigate with Photos!

At Garmin we're always looking for new ways to help to get you there and our new website will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.  Garmin Connect now has a photo navigation section on it which we've recently launched.  This allows you to browse the globe using Google Map and Panoramio technology, whilst identifying places of interest that you wish to visit.


You can then download the photos of these places to your compatible Garmin device or nüvi sat-nav.  Once you wish to set off on your journey you can access the downloaded photos from your favourites and then easily navigate to it and your leisure.

Just in time for the Summer!  Go and try the technology out and then tell us what you think:

Our Hampshire and Dorset Photoshoots

Many thanks to our friends who helped out with the recent commercial photoshoots for this project over the summer.  Some of the locations were based in the Dorset and Hampshire areas of the UK and we really love how they have turned out.  We are more than happy to give them a mention so if you need any similar advertising photography for your own marketing projects please head over to their website dedicated to Dorset commercial and advertising photography.  They are a local business run by two excellent commercial photographers who we highly recommend.