Garmin® Named Global Leader in Portable Satellite Navigation

Garmin_blk_285_rgbWho is the Global leading mobile navigation device company?  We’re sure you don’t really need to be told, but the answer is Garmin.  A report published last month confirmed what we’ve been working towards over the last year, as Chris Jones, VP and principal analyst at researcher’s Canalys stated:-

“Garmin achieved the worldwide number one spot for mobile navigation devices in 2007 by performing consistently well in Europe, more than doubling its shipments on 2006 and increasing its market share, while also retaining a clear lead in the booming US market. In 2007, it had an enviable 47% share in the US, and the market quadrupled in size.”

Great news I’m sure you’ll agree and is testament to the hard work that the Garmin associates around the world have put in throughout 2007.  Here’s to a successful 2008!