Gadget Show road-tests ecoRoute™ HD

This week’s Gadget Show saw the consumer tech team gear up to road-test ecoRoute™ HD. The latest in our fuel-saving lineup transforms your compatible Garmin nüvi into a real-time onboard diagnostics computer via a powerful plug-in module.

FiveFWD – Garmin EcoRoute HD review by The Gadget Show

Presenter Suzi Perry put ecoRoute HD through its paces in the team's Budget Challenge, plugging it into her second-hand car for live engine diagnostics. We see Suzi viewing real-time data about her car’s performance, including fuel consumption, all sent via Bluetooth to her nüvi sat nav.

EcoRoute2 EcoRoute3 
As well as reassurance her car is up to scratch, she especially notes: "ecoRoute’s‘Less fuel’ routing and live cost updates for budget-conscious, “thought-fuel” driving. The Driving Score feature makes her consider her motoring style, saying: “You have to be careful of acceleration and braking, so you can’t go racing people off the lights, but on the upside you’re not going to get any speeding tickets!”

ecoRoute HD tracks and delivers vital diagnostics including: