FA Cup supporter’s 18 million mile trek

Tuncay_2 According to our research this weekends cup games will see over 80,000 football fans travelling a total of over 18million miles to watch their favourite teams at away grounds across England and Wales, proving the romance of the FA Cup competition is still alive and kicking and loved by thousands of fans across the country.

Garmin research shows the longest journey is from Hull City’s ground to Plymouth Argyle with a round trip of 680 Miles, costing around £95 in petrol and taking a total of around 12 hours traveling time. The shortest journey is a local derby between Chelsea and QPR, a round trip of 8 miles and even then there is a good chance some supporters will still arrive late.

Travelling to watch your favourite team play is becoming more and more expensive, we estimate that at least 10% of people get lost trying to find opponents grounds and adequate parking. This can equate to adding £10 to an average journey cost and at least an extra hour in travel time.

Check out the new GarminFC microsite for details of how you can download all 92 Football Stadium locations in the English Leagues to your Garmin Sat Nav. Garmin sponsor Premiership side Middlesbrough Football Club who are playing Bristol City in the third round of the FA Cup. Their supporters have the second longest journey with a round trip of 532 miles.

Come on Boro!!