ecoRoute™ HD dubbed “impressive gear” by AutoExpress magazine

ecoRoute HD has added a new dimension to the journey for AutoExpress magazine. The popular motoring weekly had a test-drive of our fuel saver and engine diagnostics tool for its ‘Latest Gear Rated’ feature and found it: “one of the most impressive gadgets (they)’ve seen in ages.”

Road-testers drove a sample route twice to scrutinise their real-time mpg and found they could make a fuel-consumption saving of 13.6mpg – £1.71, guided by ecoRoute’s precise fuel use and carbon footprint data.

ecoRoute HD enhances the functionality of Garmin nuvi’s free ecoRoute fuel-saving software by transforming the sat nav into a real-time onboard diagnostics computer. By simply plugging the module into the vehicle’s OBDII port, motorists get a real-time picture of engine performance plus engine diagnostics on demand including coolant temperature, battery charge information, timing advance and emissions.


ecoRoute is preloaded on our latest nüvi sat navs and available as a free download for compatible devices. The software helps drivers save money and fuel and reduce their carbon footprint by finding the ‘less fuel’ route to their destination while tracking fuel usage.


Read our 5-star review in this week’s AutoExpress, out now!