CNET sees the nüLink!™ advantage

Technology review website CNET has produced a detailed video tutorial of the nüvi 1690 sat nav in action. See our nüLink! real-time services tested live as the presenter navigates his day with our new online social navigator. 

CNET review

He uses Yellow Pages to search for a friend’s address and telephone number before telling the sat nav to guide him there and even connects his mobile phone via Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free calling on route.

Google™ Local Search finds him the musical ‘Hairspray’ by name, together with details of his local ticket outlets. He also asks the powerful navigator to find him the nearest branch of his bank so he can fund his evening out.

We see him inviting friends to join his Ciao!™ social network, view their positions and then share his own location on the map. Extending the use of the ecoRoute™ fuel saver feature, he then finds the best local fuel prices arranged in order of proximity.

When parking the car in a leafy side street, he explains how Park Position Recall will mark the position as a point on the map to help him find his way back later on foot.

This video tutorial clearly demonstrates nüvi 1690’s nüLink!™ advantage and confirms the benefits of real-time, live navigation.

See the 1690 for yourself now on CNET!