Cancer Research launches Take 5 Challenge


Friend of Garmin and all round fitness expert, Steve Halsall has joined forces with Cancer Research to launch the 'Take 5 Challenge'. Aimed at inspiring people to take more time to find a healthier work/life balance, Steve's 5 step plan offers encouragement to all those thinking about or committing to this years Cancer Research Run 10k series.

In his Daily Mirror blog, Steve offers some sound pointers, 'I take the view that if you integrate small positive actions into your day the overall impact is powerful and inspiring. Time is always an issue with everyone when it comes to exercise, the 'Take 5 Challenge' focuses on the key parts of wellbeing. Feeling more energised, having better concentration and feeling less stressed is a reasonable return for just Taking 5 everyday. Like all new routines in your life, the first couple of weeks may feel strange but if you just keep going with it, you will have it sorted in no time. Everyone can run a 10k and if you have done Race for Life you can run a 10k.

As the Official Training Partner of the Cancer Research Run10k series we've designed bespoke Run 10k training programmes for everyone taking part. So if you follow these and keep in mind Steve's 5 step advice 'Commitment, Stretching, Activity, Hydration and Eating Well' you'll be well on your way to complete your own personal challenge of running 10km.